Score Higher with SAT Academy

Cali Burrell, Reporter

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     SAT’s are one of the most important tests a student will take in their high school career. The SAT is taken towards the end of one’s Junior year. Starting Freshman year, students begin to prepare for the SAT with the PSAT. Students are also prepared in the classroom with district assessments, Quizlet, NoRedInk, Khan Academy and much more. Although students have the opportunity to get in as much review and practice in the two years before the big test, many opt out of the PSAT. The PSAT is a practice SAT that Mountain View provides the students. PSAT can be taken Freshman year in the fall, Sophomore year in the fall, and Junior year just a few months before the SAT. This year at Mountain View, Assistant Principal Ann Renee Bentley, Matthew Hall, and Nathan Gurrini have come together to set up an SAT academy. It is after school tutor sessions for each section of the test.

     There are four sections to the test: reading, writing/language, math(calculator) and math(no calculator).  During the tutor sessions, which are open to all taking the SAT Spring 2019, 45 minutes is spent with Mr. Gurrini on the math section and another 45 minutes is spent with Mr. Hall on English. These sessions take place on Wednesdays after school from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each session is not mandatory and student’s have freedom of choice; although it is encouraged to attend both the math and English practice sessions, students are welcome to just go to one or the other.  This is an opportunity for students who need a refresher on certain material; an opportunity like such can only benefit you.

“This opportunity is one that can make a better outcome on your SAT score. With a higher score, students will be able to apply and possibly get into a college of choice”  said Mr. Gurrini. By coming to the sessions students will be able to review and refresh on anything they may have forgotten. This will help students feel less stressed about the test and more comfortable with the material. SAT prep can result in higher scores and amazing confidence. If you come in on Wednesday’s you won’t regret it!