Timeless Bops

Kendall Millward, Reporter

     In our younger generation we mostly listen to rap and pop that our parents and grandparents absolutely hate. While the top hits make up most of our playlists, there are still the timeless songs we all know and love.

     When we are cruising in the car with our moms and “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman or Red Hot Chili Peppers come on we can’t help but sing along. The old music is not lost on us. While sitting in class and “Stacy’s Mom” or “Come on Eileen” come on the radio the whole class is bobbing their heads. We listen to these songs in the car with our girl pals and jam out to boy bands like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Whether you are an old music fanatic or never heard these songs before, you cannot help but get into the groove of these timeless bops.

     Alexis Diaz, junior, says she loves to listen to The Beatles, The Temptations, and The Supremes because “they have good meaningful lyrics and make me feel sentimental”. Whether it’s Prince or Queen or The Clash, all us youngsters have one of those old artists that we like to jam to. Manuel Diaz, senior, says he got into older songs because “my dad likes to play them on the radio and I just got into them”.

     While it is not very common to hear artists like Nickelback on the radio, we catch ourselves knowing every lyric and dancing along. Some are mellow and some are just strange, but old music culture still finds its way into hearts.