Girls Tennis Serves up Another Successful Season

May 3, 2019

     Starting in March and ending in April, the girls’ tennis team has been training hard all season. Even with little wins, the team improved greatly with taking on 11 new players and seven returning players. Two of the returning players included junior RyLynn Nealy and senior Kendall Krieger, who is also the team captain. Recapping the season Krieger says, “it was a lot of fun! The team has really improved since we started and we were all super busy because we had to reschedule so many of our matches.”

      Overall the whole team improved their teamwork skills along with their capability on the court. Nealy says, “I have definitely improved on the net play. I’ve always been stronger at the baseline but I’ve been able to work my way to the net and play aggressive when I’m there.” The most challenging part about tennis is playing in the wind, and new players got to experience this through many games but feel much more confident in their abilities. The whole team learned some very valuable lessons but the most important one was keeping a positive mindset about doing their best instead of giving in when things started to go downhill. This came in handy when Krieger played her best match against Thompson Valley High School. Even though she didn’t win, she recalls that she kept up with her opponent and had some of her best plays during that game.

     While tennis is meant for working hard and improving playing abilities, it is also about having fun and making memories with people who become your family. Nealy says her best memory is “the first time we played in the wind because we were very carefree and just having fun.” She had such a good time playing this season that she plans on returning next year and as an even better player. She plans on practicing and scrimmaging during the offseason as much as possible and may be able to earn herself a singles spot next season.

     If tennis sounds like something you’d like, the returning players have some words of advice. Nealy recommends to work hard and be dedicated because you’ll see improvement quickly. And Krieger advises you to not be afraid to reach out to older players on the team for anything, like school, tennis, or friend issues. The girls’ tennis team is a fun and friendly environment that has leaped forward in success and is pushing hard to prepare for upcoming regionals.

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