Student Council Retreat

May 3, 2019

     Last Saturday, April 27th, the student council went on a retreat to a cabin located in Lyons. They spent a whole weekend making memories and learning to love each other even more. The purpose of the retreat is for the members of the student council to spend time together in order to create a special bond. The idea is that as they become closer as a student council they become closer as a student body.

     On the stuco retreat, the members played team building games and participate in thought-provoking activities. One of the students who went along was Sidney Boudrero, junior. This was her first year attending the stuco retreat and she loved it. She said her favorite part was “The last night when we had deep talks and learned more about each other in student council.” She also believed this experience made her better as a person because and said, “Spending time with a group of people who have good goals helps to make you strive to be better.” The entire group had a wonderful time learning about one another and grow stronger connections.

     Another member of stuco who went was Kat Pfeiffer, senior. She says, “The purpose is to build a bond because it helps to prepare for events and other things. A strong student council is better at planning fun things for the rest of the school to enjoy. Pfeiffer says her favorite part was “Simply hanging out and making memories with some of my closest friends.” The student council enjoys many perks and the members make some of their closest friends through these retreats. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, don’t hesitate to apply next year and maybe this will be you!


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