Climate Change vs. The Students


Noah Sutton

With the recent attention given to climate change, there has been a lack of basic knowledge of the issue among teenagers, and even adults. Climate change has been increasing at an alarming rate: with the current flooding in Texas- the immense amount of rain that came with Tropical Storm Imelda was a direct result of climate change, and most people are unaware of how climate change is affecting us.

  With the upcoming field trip to Thompson Valley High School for the Loveland Loves to Read program, there is a panel and Q&A set up to speak with the author Paolo Bacigalupi. Bacigalupi is an American science fiction and fantasy writer who is most known for his writing in books such as Shipwrecker, The Drowned Cities, and his newest accomplishment, The Tangled Lands. Although he is most known for his work in fantasy and science fiction books, he also has some pieces on the topic of climate change and is determined to spread knowledge and awareness on climate change to students. 

  This field trip was set up by the librarian, Mrs. Wendy Frost, who hopes to gain “a more enlightened and aware student body, who are more educated and knowledgeable on climate change issues and the impact on us locally.” She hopes to do this by “promoting higher-level learning with climate issues and the chance to Q&A with an author.”

  Mrs. Frost says that this field trip is “to listen to Colorado water issues and climate change through the voice of this author.” She also says the chance of an author coming to Mountain View to speak to students about similar topics is “very high, hopefully in the spring.” The field trip takes place at Thompson Valley High School on Wednesday, September 23rd. To go, you need to get a permission slip from Mrs. Frost in the Library or talk to her about the other places you can listen to and meet Bacigalupi. This field trip is an opportunity to get to learn about how climate change directly affects us and how it affects our earth.