The Band in The Corn Roast Parade

Hayley Fincham, Entertainment reporter

 Every year the Mountain View High School Marching Band marches in the Loveland Corn Roast parade, which falls at the beginning of the school year. The band always has a lot to say about their marching each year, as students graduate and new students come in. This year the band was towards the back of the parade as the placement number switches each year with the other Loveland high school bands. Many said that they enjoy being in the front of the parade because they are the first ones to be finished. 

   According to Julia Study, Junior, the marching experience is, “Extremely hot and starts to get boring towards the end of the parade, but it’s still fun overall.” I also participated in the parade because I’m also a part of the band. I can agree that the parade overall is fun, but it is a lot of work. The two mile march isn’t awful, but it does feel a lot longer than it is. 

   Memorizing music can be time consuming but it can also be the easier part of learning a show.    “Memorizing a halftime drill and music is much more difficult.” Liz Calder, Junior. The parade takes a bit of preparation and according to the band members, they play through music and cadences, and do breakdown steps during rehearsals to prepare for the performance. They also had a lot of time to prepare for the parade and the marching season overall. “In total, we had about a month starting at band camp” Carson Humbert, Sophomore.

    Marching this parade every year can be quite the experience while it can be fun and exhausting all in one, hot and very uncomfortable in the end it’s always a fun experience and feels like a good accomplishment for our band. The Mountain View band program represents school spirit when doing things like, march in a parade for our city and they always make sure to showcase their best. We were the only band in full uniform during the parade and that was also a great accomplishment. 

     Many people come to sit downtown to watch the parade, many former band members will be lined on the streets cheering us on as we walk by. This year former band member, Tori Miller, was on the streets cheering on the Junior and Senior students that she knows. Many parents walk with us to give the members water and cheer us on from the sidewalk.

    Mountain views overall student participation and student spirit for things like different sporting events and parades is amazing. We’re also watched by future Mountain View students that could potentially be apart of our band, cheer team and/or our football team. Being a part of the school no matter what sport, club or organization, it’s always fun and feels wonderful to be involved. The more you involve yourself into the school’s events the more fun you’ll have throughout high school, and it’s always fun to do things with your friends even if it does apply to a school event.