A Heated Debate on School Lunches

Brittyn Dowdell, Student Life Reporter

  Mountain View High School is built next to a great number of fast-food restaurants like Freddys, Inta Juice, Taco Bell and McDonald’s. Teenage students reaching driving age only makes access to these places even easier. The majority of students at Mountain View eat out almost every single day. How much money do students spend? Is all that junk food really worth it?

  The average student at MVHS who eats out 5 days a week spends around $10 a day, totaling upwards of $50 spent on lunch a week. Cody Evans, junior, eats out every day for lunch but has the opinion that ¨It’s not really a big struggle spending money on food because it’s my money, I have a job, Cody spends at least $5 a day on lunch, but you’d think the high price tag of going out for lunch would motivate students like him to eat the lunch Mountain View can provide for them. Micheal Hartman, sophomore, says this, ¨The (school) food just looks like it was bought at dollar tree. You can clearly tell the difference between school wheat bread and store-bought wheat bread. It’s as if there was no effort put into the product bought. The lunch ladies do a great job, it’s just the supplies.¨ There is a third option for lunch, however. If kids do not like school lunch and cannot afford to buy their own lunch they can pack a lunch of their own liking for free! Ben Essex, sophomore, explained the downside of this, however, ¨I just like my meals fresh. Leave a sandwich in my bag for four hours before lunch and it gets soggy. No one likes a soggy sandwich.¨

   Mountain View lunches are not so bad according to some students like Aiden Eshon, freshman, who enjoys the school lunch daily. ¨I really enjoy the school lunches for one, they’re just better than what the other schools have to offer. My favorite meal would probably have to be the cheesy sticks or the french bread boats. Those are really good. If I could leave school for lunch it would probably just be for Inta Juice, but other than that I would pretty much just eat at the school. It’s cheap, good and you don’t have to worry about being late to class.¨ 

  So what really is better? Eating out every day? A cheaper school lunch? Or a homemade packed lunch? All options have pros and cons that each individual student has different opinions on.