Pre-Game Hype

Destiny Jurado, Student Life Reporter

  The 2019-2020 Football season is here everyone! This Friday, Aug. 30th, 2019, our MVHS varsity team plays their very first game of the season against Discovery Canyon. Thursday the 29th, our freshman C team plays. Then Saturday the 31st our JV team plays.

  It is a brand new concept of football to the freshman, their very first time playing on a high school team. For the sophomores, it is their first time playing on Varsity or JV, practicing with the upperclassmen. For the juniors, it really is the same unless they went from JV to Varsity. And for the seniors, it is their very last season playing. 

  For our student section, all the new freshmen, their first high school football game experience, for sophomores, going and being able to know what to expect and all of the chants that the cheerleaders do. For the juniors, this is their third football season, so they know what they are doing and it could be not as fun or just as fun to most juniors. When it comes to seniors, who don’t play but are still so into the game and they have so much school spirit, I imagine it could be sad for most seniors, it is their last football season to show off all their school spirit. 

  Student POV: As a freshman being new to the school, it can be scary and intimidating to go all out at games or to be really involved in school spirit because upperclassmen make fun of you.”I am proud to be going to MVHS, on a scale of one to 10, my school spirit is a five or six because I don’t have a ton of gear yet” says Lila Ehrlich, a freshman.

 Playing on the freshman football team, it can be exhilarating because you are finally part of a real team that means something to people, not just club teams.  “When I am getting ready for a game by myself, I listen to rock/hype music to hype me up, But as a team, to get hype, we sing the MVHS fight song. Now that I am a part of an actual team, not just a league, I feel like I mean something to a team.” Says Dakota Bossingham, a freshman football player. 

  Being a sophomore or junior is different because you are finally on the big boy team and you can be more serious about the game, or not be made fun of anymore for being a so-called “freshie”.  As one of the most school spirited people at our school, Keyanna Schmidt says that “Now that I am a sophomore it feels awesome and not embarrassing anymore because I like to lead all the chants. “ As mentioned, Keyanna is one of the most school spirited students at MVHS, she thinks so too, Schmidt says “I would say my school spirit level is a solid 10. I like to listen to hype music before every game, and get my spirit gear on and do my war face paint.” On the other hand, Lily Coon, a junior says, “ I still enjoy football games, but since we are upperclassmen now it is our responsibility to make the crowd hype, but it is still fun and I enjoy the adrenaline of trying to win.”

  As a football player on the big shot high school team it can be way more fun but also serious, “Being on varsity, it is definitely a more competitive atmosphere, I have worked really hard and I am ready for this season.” Says Izaiah Garado, sophomore. But as a junior it is either your first or second year on Varsity, player TJ, says” I like playing on Varsity because high school is coming to an end fast and I really enjoy football. Being on Varsity is more exciting than JV or the C team because we have more fans and more students coming to see us”. 

  Seniors, a year full of last firsts, their last first day of school, their last first football game, it can be exciting and yet emotional to some people. Luke Hard, Varsity team captain says, “It is sad that it is my last year, and I am not sure if I am going to play much after high school. I just want to make this season last, and it is going by quick.” Being a senior, you are at the top of the high school food chain, so you have to hype everyone up and make the most out of your last firsts. “I am happy to be making memories,” says Malakiah Contreras, Contreares is making the most out of his senior year, “ I am getting more involved with school things and honestly, Mountain View got me where I am today”.