Mountain View Proposes New Student Advisory

Kaelyn Bates, News Reporter

  All students waiting for their chance for their opinions to be heard, for changes to be made, and looking for something new to become involved in, Mountain View has a new student advisory for you. 

  But, what is this new student advisory? 

  “I want student voices,” Mountain View High School’s principal, Mrs. Harmon says. “I want you, the students, to have that connection with me, the principal, to talk about anything and everything that affects student life here at Mountain View.”

  Though Harmon has wanted to have a student advisory since she became principal in 2016, she just hasn’t “gotten it off the ground.”

  Last year Harmon put the idea out to Mountain View but it was not well known. “I tried to get a group going last year, and only three students committed,” Harmon said. But she hopes that this year more students will participate.

  You may think that students full of complaints or ideas regarding the school would form a student club focused on school improvement, however that is not quite the case yet. “The reality is we don’t get student voice other than that casual conversation,” Harmon says. Student advisory is a chance to change that.

  You may be wondering what the requirements are, and how big of a commitment this would be.

   The student advisory, called “Pizza with the Principal,” would meet once a month, and a different group of students is welcomed each time. Of course, you’ll need to go to the advisory if you sign up for that month, but really, there’s not a commitment. 

  “To be fair, it does take someone who is willing to speak in front of their peers and to sometimes have a differing viewpoint,” Harmon says. “I want kids with differing viewpoints who are willing to sit at the table and discuss those in productive ways.”

  The advisory is also welcoming anyone, no matter a student’s different backgrounds. “I want to make sure that when I get kids in that group that there is a wide variety,” Harmon says. “Everything from white, nonwhite, male, female, to kids who are involved in activities, kids who are not involved in activities.” 

  If you have an idea that you believe would make Mountian View a better school, then bring it to the table. Is there anything related to procedures and daily life at Mountain View that you think could help improve the school? Well, shout it out!

  Mountain View needs and welcomes their student’s voices. After all, it is students that Mountain View revolves around.

  Harmon will be working to help this new student advisory onto its feet. After three years, the 2019-2020 school year can finally be the year to hear the student body’s voice. “It’s me understanding the climate and culture of the students in the building that I lead,” Harmon says.