Let the Good Times Roll!

Asepn Essen, student life reporter

Dancing the night away, jamming out to music with friends and forgetting about all the stressful events going on is what homecoming week is supposed to be all about. On September 12th, 2019, Mountain View High School hosted a Mardi Gras-themed homecoming dance, as well as hosting spirit week prior to the dance. Meeting the expectations of students,  is a very difficult thing to do, especially when it comes to bigger events like homecoming.


  Monday was 80’s day, Tuesday was frat day, Wednesday was VSCO day, Thursday was jersey day and Friday every student geared up to show school pride by wearing spirit gear. Throughout the week there was all sorts of excitement… however, there were also areas where there was room for growth. Frat day is always a fun day, but since we used that as a spirit day last year, it should have been taken as a chance to do something different and do something more unique and unexpected. Another thing that would have been cool during the spirit week is if instead of doing Jersey day on Thursday, they would’ve done it on Friday, so that MVHS day and jersey day were switched. That would have been a better idea, especially since our homecoming game was on Thursday, so that way everyone would be wearing Mountain View gear on the day of the game rather than jerseys for other teams. 


  Even though there were a couple of things that could have been tweaked, there were a lot of upsides to homecoming spirit week this year. VSCO day was definitely one for the books. This day had the most participants during that week. Everybody had their hydro flasks and scrunchies and were having a good time. 80’s day was also a blast from the past. Everybody dug through their closets to find their mom jeans and neon clothes, as well as their leg warmers, and got together with their friends for a fun time with tons of laughing and making of new memories.


  From spirit week to homecoming night, I felt all of the enthusiasm from other students around me–until I got to homecoming. When I walked in, there was close to nobody there, and people weren’t dancing–they were just standing off in the corner. All of the energy from spirit week was gone, and everyone seemed like they were bored and uncomfortable.  About an hour in, more and more people showed up and got a bigger group dancing and moving to the DJ’s music. 


  As the night went on, more people left and just went and hung out at friends’ houses. The music eventually stopped pumping up the students, but that wasn’t because of song choice (they also didn’t even play a single slow song throughout the dance!).  By the end, there was close to nobody at the dance. 


  Overall this year’s homecoming felt like a huge success, yes there were downs, but the fun times and memories outweighed those lows. From all the new memories made, I’m now already excited for next year’s homecoming and for what’s to come in next year’s homecoming spirit week. Thank you Student Council and Mr.Barron for all the hard work you do!