Will Mountain View Music and Arts Return?

Soha Ali, News Reporter

Mountain View High School is changing left and right. The fundraising group for the Music and Arts program is currently dormant this year. Most students at MVHS were unaware of the funding for music and art students. The people that funded their program created an organization called Mountain View Music and Arts (MVMA).

  MVMA was an organization that helped raise money for music and arts students (in the band, orchestra, and choir programs).  “It was like an ‘umbrella organization’, affecting music, theater, drama, and Loveland Integrated School of the Arts (LISA) students,” Peter Toews, the band teacher at MVHS said, “MVMA was a parent booster organization.  The purpose was to support the educational goals of the arts programs of MVHS.”

  MVMA used different funding programs to raise money. They’d have car washes, silent auctions, and a fundraiser called Butter Braids.  Butter Braid is a pastry that people would sell to raise money. “All of the funding went to help different goals; paying for rental trucks for the marching band, instrument repairs, choir outfits, a percussion instructor, and more,” Toews stated. Since MVMA is currently dormant, the staff and students have to do more work when it comes to funding. “I used to have a parent that would rent our rental trucks and drive it to the games and back, but now I have to take the time and do it myself which affects my time as a teacher. Since we technically have to fundraise with students and some staff, we fundraise all of our money and use it for the upcoming year. We don’t spend what we make all in one year.”

  Parents are still often involved in helping out with the music and arts programs and volunteering with food. 

  Even though MVMA is dormant, it doesn’t affect the students so much.  “Fundraising before was with the MVMA, but now it’s in Toews’ hands (when it comes to the band) and the students would have to run it a little bit more and the faculty. It doesn’t really affect us, students, especially since it’s only the beginning of the year,” Hannah VanLaningham, senior said. VanLaningham is a LISA student in band and is involved in other school musicals.

  Every year, MVMA has helped fund for different things with a King Soopers card.  These cards allowed students to buy what they need and give them five percent back which went straight to funding for repairs, equipment, etc. 

  “Every year we pay a fee for band camp so we have enough money for food and transportation.  The price goes up depending on the number of students we have each year. Since MVMA is dormant this year, there’s no telling how much the students have to pitch in,” Mikayla Moser, senior said. 

  “I think it teaches us responsibility because if we want things to happen we need to work for it, because not everything is handed to us,” Olivia Gutierres, sophomore said about the new funding going on for music and arts. 

  Without MVMA, the Music and Arts programs will fundraise a different way. Students, staff, and some volunteers are going to start to help and pitch in some time.  Without MVMA, many changes are yet to come for MVHS.