Bring on the School Spirit!

Soha Ali, Reporter

Shannon Arthur

In typical high school movies, the school spirit is the thing that pops the most.  For Mountain View high school, it’s really starting to feel like a real-life movie. 

  School spirit is what catches people’s attention when they first see a school.  It’s where people are confident about what school they go to and are happy to express it. Our school spirit is represented by wearing and decorating with purple and black.  Throughout the years of Mountain View, school spirit has evolved and gotten better. 

  “School spirit has definitely increased and my evidence of that is the most recent pep rally where I think it was the most spirited pep rally in my three years, and had the most participation by students,” said by Jane Harmon, principle. Homecoming week/spirit week was one of the most shown school spirit events at MVHS. 

  School spirit, in general, is hard to encourage and spread. Certain people and clubs spread the ideas to make school spirit enjoyable. It’s encouraged throughout our school through social media, posters, and more.  

   “School spirit is mostly demonstrated by people in leadership positions, Student Council,  Seniors, and staff, but it’s those people that demonstrate it and start the culture that their people want to be a part of it,” Ryan Barron, MVHS teacher, said. School spirit is not something to be enforced but something that is encouraged throughout many schools. With school spirit, people feel more alive and fun!

  School spirit is at its peak whenever we are challenged. At our football games, our school spirit escalates due to rivalry. At the game against Thompson Valley High School, the rivalry caused more students in our section to get rowdy. During our homecoming game, most people (mainly the freshmen) felt more comfortable showing their school spirit and participating in chants/cheers.  In a good way, it shows how passionate we are about being a part of MVHS.  

  “I see our whole student section and every single student is wearing at least one to two pieces of spirit gear. Also, our student section knows our chants/cheers, making us look more like a united school,” Destiny Jurado, sophomore said.  

   MVHS provides a program for freshman called freshman seminar.  The idea is to teach freshmen different things, but it also includes their spirit.  “At Freshmen Seminar, they taught us the “Fight song.”. They also teach us to be more comfortable showing our school spirit, and I believe it forms a unity and makes us all friends.” Rylee Huey, freshman said.

  Most students believed that as freshmen, they were uncomfortable showing their spirit, but this year, freshmen academy has allowed students to express themselves and be comfortable.  

  “Although MVHS has struggled to have spirit at times, I have seen so much improvement in four years. This will be the best one yet!” Olivia Tate, senior, said. 

  Many people believe that our spirit is getting better and they intend to keep it going. Let’s keep the school spirit feeling like a real-life movie!