Freshmen in the Volleyball Program

Kenli Herrera, sports reporter

 Playing volleyball for middle school is one thing, but playing high school volleyball is a whole different story, on a whole new level. Coming into high school as a freshman can be a very intimidating experience. When you first start high school you no longer know everybody in your grade and you don’t have many friends in all of your classes. To help reduce that terrible feeling of being new, it is a good idea to try out for sports, especially volleyball. Volleyball has allowed many freshmen to become easily adjusted to high school life. 


  Over the summer the volleyball program had open gym every Tuesday and Thursday for two hours. During this time, incoming freshmen were able to meet and play with their new team. Bailey Arellano, a freshman outside hitter, spent the summer at open gyms. Arellano said, “It was a lot more intense than middle school, and we were pretty serious about the stuff we were doing.” During open gym, she got the opportunity to meet the team that she will be seeing every day during the volleyball season and she got to experience the intensity of high school volleyball. This allowed her to be ready for the real season because she knew what was expected of her. 


  Freshman Mayson Brashears, who plays libero for the JV team said “, I thought it was nice, it was a big transformation from middle school.” She also got to experience how different high school volleyball is compared to middle school, and this prepared her for tryouts and the rest of the season.


  Volleyball doesn’t just prepare you for the intense season, but it also allows freshmen to make many new friends who they most likely wouldn’t have met otherwise. Natalie Nelson, a freshman on the JV team said, “Now I am friends with a lot of upperclassmen, which is cool.” Being friends with upperclassmen is something most freshmen don’t get the opportunity to do but volleyball has allowed Natalie to have friends that are older than her. Upperclassmen also help freshmen during the season. Many of them have taken the same classes when they were freshmen, so they can provide lots of help to the new members on the team.


  Areallo said, “I have a really good relationship with most all people at volleyball, they are the people I talk to in the halls. It’s like a team where we are like a family.” Without volleyball, she would not have such a strong connection with all of her teammates, so this has allowed her to become close friends with many people. She will value these relationships for a long time and hopefully they stay strong for all four years of high school volleyball career.


  Grades in high school are very important. even freshman year is an important year. Volleyball is a great way for freshmen to stay on top of their grades. In the volleyball program, athletes are not permitted to have any F’s. If they do have an F they are not eligible to play in the games until they improve their grade. For Arellano, volleyball encourages her to keep her grades up.”I have had sometimes where I have slacked on grades but I remember volleyball and I stay up until two in the morning doing homework.” 


  For many freshmen, volleyball has been an amazing experience. Not only do they enjoy the sport, but it also helps them adjust to the new style of life that high school introduces them to. All freshmen interviewed said they wanted to play volleyball all four years of high school. Hopefully, volleyball continues to help throughout their high school years.