Senior Season


Destiny Jurado, Student Life

  It is senior year for the class of 2020. These students have been waiting their whole lives for this significant year to come. With the prospect of adulthood looming before them it can be sad, scary, and emotional for some students. However, some students just cannot wait to graduate.

  After their four years, or three, if they decide to graduate a year early, the day comes for seniors to put on their cap and gown and walk across the stage to grab their diploma. Then they start their journey of real-life and their future begins. Harmon says, “When it comes to the graduation ceremony I as the principal actually don’t do much, there is a committee made up of Mountain View staff and teachers, all I do is sign off on the paperwork.” 

   Madi Emsing, senior, has a lot to express about this being her last year here at MVHS. “It is a very surreal feeling, all my years in school has been leading up to this moment, it feels unreal and everything is coming to an end. Playing varsity volleyball and the musical is what I am most looking forward to this year, as it is my last year playing and the fact that they are doing Into the Woods this year makes me very happy.”

  For most seniors, it feels like only yesterday they had their humble beginnings as a freshman, but after four years of hard work and dedication, they will now get to walk onto that stage and graduate. Mountain View helped them grow into the people they are now. “Mountain View has helped me grow because of the effort I put into the school. By going to games and dressing up for spirit days I was able to get the most out of my school experience.” Says Ashley Arthur, senior. Congratulations to this year’s seniors, nothing but the best of luck to all of you, as you start your journey of real-life and your future begins.