How Are You Liking Mountain View?

Reese Wheeler, News Reporter

  Starting school at a new school isn’t always the easiest for students or teachers, but for Mrs. Logsdon, it’s going pretty smooth. Knowing what job she was looking for, moving to a new state and making things work was pretty easy for her and her husband. Mrs. Logsdon is not only loving Colorado but also Mountain View High School.  

  Mrs. Logsdon teaches algebra, geometry and problem-solving. In the past, she has taught eighth-grade math classes and all different high school math classes. Teaching was her dream job as a child. When Mrs. Logsdon was a student, her favorite subject was either algebra or pre-calc. During the summer, while she was in Alabama she liked to nanny for a few different families. She also loves the outdoors and loves to spend time at lakes and beaches.

  Coming from Alabama, Mrs. Logsdon applied online for a position at Mountain View, knowing that it was located near her soon to be home. One of her main inspirations behind becoming a teacher was her mother, who was a teacher. Mrs. Logsdon knew that teaching was the perfect job for her because she wanted to work with kids and she loved working with people. She attended the University of Alabama to help accomplish her teaching dreams. 

  Mrs. Logsdon loves the school spirit that she sees all around the school and at the football games that she has attended. She loved that when she came into the school all of the students and staff were super welcoming. Her favorite part of Mountain View so far is the community; she loves the great attitude that comes from all of the students and staff.

  Although she is not the only new teacher this year, Mrs. Logsdon is one of the many great new teachers that Mountain View has welcomed to the school this year. Mrs. Logsdon is enjoying Mountain View and the state of Colorado with all of the beauty around us and all of the things to do. Plus, she gets to live her dream, “As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher.”