New Agricultural Courses May be Introduced as Classes, Following the Land Cut on Jake’s Farm

Kaelyn Bates, News Reporter

  Throughout the day, Mountain View students come and go from campus, while doing so, they pass by Jake’s Farm.

  Jakes Farm is a vegetable farmers market that has been around since 1906. Passed on through the next generations, the farm is currently owned by John Hill. However, the farm, which the city is thinking of making a historical landmark, is noticeably being cut down in land size.

  “They’re enclosing in on us,” says Hill about the city. “They are going to do some road work here, some curb, gutter, and sidewalk, and so we had to give a little more space for that.”

  Students probably have heard that a Ford Dealership is going to open on the right side of the farm, along with an ANB bank. The land that they are building off of was previously sold, so there’s no recent land that the farm is selling.

  But cutting down on land isn’t something new to the farm. Jake’s Farm had sold land for Mountain View to be built. “We sold 30 acres so they could build the high school, and so did our neighbor,” Hill says. 

  “What you see is what we have.” His wife, Angelica Hill says, then adds that they own eight acres.

  And with that eight acres, the Hill’s have something in mind for the students of Mountain View. Jake’s Farm is hoping to set up greenhouses and invite Mountain View students over to produce our own vegetables, then “sell it back to the school.” The program would be a hands-on opportunity for students to learn to take care of and grow their own produce. “We’re going to try to keep the farm going here, and hopefully include the school with it,” Hill says. “It would be great for the students to learn about agriculture and livestock,” Hill said. 

  Mrs. Hill also mentioned that the program would be useful for the culinary class. “It would be good for them to come out, and grow their own food,” she said. The class then could use the food they grew in their meals. There are advantages to anyone who takes the course. Not only will you be learning a possible life or trade skill, but “… school students and teachers can get grants to work with the students to do stuff like this.” 

  Jake’s Farm is not only interested in classes revolving around their agriculture and animals on the farm but also classes centered around the firewood and Metal Mexican Yard Art the farm is now selling. These two new products being sold allows for Jake’s Farm to be opened all year round. Jake’s Farm will present the idea of a new class for Mountain View and hope for resident support.

  The plan is already underway, as the possible classes have been discussed with officials. Hill said, “We spoke with the councilmen and the man running for mayor, Dave Clark, about it. We need people behind us, so we don’t get pushed out of here,” Hill said. “Any help from the community would be great.”