Elizabeth Quaratino

Kenli Herrera, Sports reporter

  Elizabeth Quaratino is a gymnast who participates on the gymnastics team for Loveland High School. It takes a lot to be a gymnast because of the intensity of the sport, as well as the long meets and difficult routines. Quaratino handles all of these flawlessly as she continues to score high and learn new tricks.

  At the beginning of her gymnastics career, Quaratino began learning at the Chilson Center in Loveland. Then she moved to Premiere Gymnastics, which is also located in Loveland. She joined the Loveland High School gymnastics team at the beginning of her freshman year. The gymnastics season for high school starts in the summer for pre-season and ends in November. Currently Quaratino is an excel platinum, or in other words, she is a level 6 gymnast and it has taken her five years to reach this level.

  To be a level 6 gymnast is very hard work. “Gymnastics is harder than most sports because you have to work on every single muscle group,” Quaratino said. Gymnastics requires athletes to have lots of power, and that power needs to come from many different parts of the body to complete a trick, let alone a whole routine. This also means that gymnast’s conditioning is very intense.

 During her two hour practice that happens every day after school, she does intense conditioning to improve her strength and power. “Our coach makes us do worse conditioning than the optionals (higher level gymnasts). We do CrossFit and have to carry a 20-pound medicine ball around the gym while we run. And we have to climb like ten ropes,” Quaratino said.

  To participate in gymnastics you must also be mentally strong. “Gymnastics is a perfectionist sport, so when your not perfect it tears you down,” Quaratino said. To overcome this, she says she uses mental blocks to keep herself focused on what she is doing. This works for her because while she is competing on the balance beam, which is her favorite event, she uses mental blocks and she scores the highest on the balance beam. In fact, during a meet she scored the highest beam score. To achieve this, she said, “I was tight and I didn’t wobble. I also landed my roundoff, which gave me points.”

  Quaratino is currently trying to get her “front front.” A “front front” is where you land a front flip then immediately go into another front flip. Learning new skills as a gymnast moves you up levels in the competitions that currently happen every weekend all around Colorado. These competitions also usually last all day long. As for competing at a different school, Quaratino said, “It is a really fun experience to be a part of two schools. It’s hard to wear a different school’s gear.

   Elizabeth Quarartino is a hard-working and amazing gymnast. She is going to continue to compete in gymnastics through her senior year, where she will continue to improve her skills and be an amazing athlete, not just for Mountain View, but for Loveland as well.