ZombieLand: Double Tap

ZombieLand: Double Tap

Cody Evens, Entertainment

 The new and popular movie, Zombieland: Double-Tap, came out on October 18, 2019. Audiences have waited 10 years since the original Zombieland came out on December 2, 2009, for a sequel. With the thrill and comedy from the original Zombieland, how will Zombieland: Double Tap compare? The movie has four main characters Wichita, Columbus, Tallahassee, and Little Rock played by Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin respectively. These characters all have specific traits and personalities that help to bring moviegoers into theaters everywhere. Wichita, for example, cares only about Little Rock her little sister. Doing anything to make her laugh and have fun during the gory new world of Zombieland ends up falling for Columbus. Columbus, the weird smart guy, who lives by a bunch of rules he created to survive. He has also been in love with Wichita since they first met. Tallahassee, the dad or the protector of the four. He is the daredevil, he loves killing zombies, but he has one weakness and will travel the United States to find one thing and that’s a Twinkie. Little Rock, is a teenage girl who acts like she isn’t scared, but throughout she is very scared and relies on her team/family for protection. This is Zombieland: Double-Tap. 

  Noah Sutton, junior, said, “This movie was good and lived up to the original.” He also rated it a 9/10. So, this movie is very good and he also highly recommends it to people that aren’t kids.  Sutton has a very big crush on Madison which is the “Hot new character.” Sutton loved the movie, though it was better if not as good as the original Zombieland. But to make it better, he said to add, “More screen time with Madison.” Sutton didn’t care for the whole movie. He was all about Madison, the airhead hot girl in Zombieland: Double-Tap. “The character Madison was hot, so that’s my favorite part.”

  Tommy Corbett, junior, had rated the movie “8.5/10 because it was sick.” Corbett was way more into the movie and way more hyped about this movie, he talked about it as soon as the trailer was released. He is very into the action and effects that the movie had brought to us. His favorite part was, “When the monster truck ran over all the zombies.” He also had said, “The movie lived up to the first one, very much. It was as good if not better.” Even though there was zombie killing and special effects, there is comedy also in the movie, Corbett had said: “The movie was funny as heck.” 

  Zombieland: Double-Tap is a very funny, action-filled movie. Rated by two juniors at least an eight out of ten. The characters came in, fit their roles very well. They didn’t ruin the movie series, just added to the entertainment.