The 2020 View

Reese Wheeler, News Reporter

 When you think of who runs the school, you think of the principal. Mrs. Harmon has been the principal of Mountain View for 3 years. During this time, many changes have been made to improve Mountain View to make it a better learning environment and a better place in general. Mountain View and the Thompson School District have changes planned in the future to improve learning for the future classes. Some of these changes are known but many others depend on board decisions.

  While Mrs. Harmon has been the principal of Mountain View, many new staff members in different areas have been hired and some have changed areas that they work in. Four of the five administrators are new to the position that they are currently in. All of the staff have worked together for freshman academy to go into action to help the success of the current freshmen. Many of the activities that the student council puts on have changed, and also the amount that Mrs. Harmon interacts with students has changed.

  The changes that are going to be put into action next year have yet to be planned. The administrative staff is still putting the changes for this year into action, so they have not yet thought of changes for next year. Currently, they are focusing on freshman academy and this year in itself. Outside of the school, the district is working on many changes. The superintendent just recently unveiled the STRIVE 2025 plan and everyone has been working on this plan in many different ways. 

  In the plan strive 2025 plan, it says that a TSD graduate will be a communicator, a critical thinker,  a self-advocate, a collaborator, and a citizen. The first focus area in the plan is student achievement. There are many actions that are planned to help students achieve and many challenges as well. These challenges include watching the district assessment data to see if any changes occur throughout this plan. The second focus is an inclusive and supportive culture: they will be watching over the attendance and participation, better school safety, and the involvement of diverse stakeholders and the community. The third focus is human talent, these things will indicate success by hiring and having high-quality staff, continuous improvement and high-quality staff as well as satisfactory culture and climate surveys. The fourth and final focus area is the stewardship of resources. This will be pursued by getting more community partnerships and supporters and better budget analysis.
  Freshman Academy is an addition to Mountain View this year and is going to be continued. This was one of the main topics that I talked to Mrs. Harmon about. She said, “Yes! Freshman Academy and Seminar are both going to be continued at MVHS.” This will be continued and possibly spread to some of the other schools in the district because of the successes it had so far, but it may have some small changes before this happens. Freshman academy was designed to help the transition of students from middle school to high school and to help get their test scores and grades up from previous years.

  For the class of 2021, the add-on graduation requirements of community service and capstone requirements will be put into action. There are other things that are still being discussed about the elective requirements that are yet to be released or confirmed. Later requirements may be discussed, but at the moment these are the only things that are planned to be changed.

  Next year Chromebooks are still planning to be used, but things such as late start are still being discussed. Many changes are still unknown because it is still quite early in the year for the administrators and board to discuss the changes for next year. So far this year is going well, and all of the changes that have been planned for this year have been successfully implanted into action.