Football Senior Night


Destiny Jurado, Sports/Entertainment

Though it seems like football season just started, sadly it is coming to an end. Thursday, October 28th, our senior football stars had their own time to shine on senior night. Our last home game of the season. For most players who actually played, it can be hard to comprehend, but the players that were hurt and on the sidelines.

As the season comes to an end, with only a few games left, the players are working hard and staying focused, Luke Hard, Senior says ‘’ I am sad that the season is coming to an end so fast and one of the biggest things I will miss about football since I am not playing in college, is the bondman-ship with my teammates.’’ As the players grow and mature into the people they are becoming, they learn valuable lessons from each other and their coaches throughout their football season, freshman to senior year. Devon Evert says, “You have so little time and you have to make every second count because it goes by so fast.’’ Devon has been injured his whole senior football season, so he hasn’t got to play one game. Evert says “This season has definitely been different, because I’ve been hanging out on the sidelines all season, but I will for sure miss it and the bond with my team so much” Both Evert and Hard are not planning on playing after high school.

From being small freshman to growing and becoming seniors, the players have had many different high and low points in their seasons playing. The coaches are the ones who really see it and appreciate it. The coaches are the people who watch the players grow into the people they are today.  Coach Mayes, the head coach of the varsity football team, is the glue that holds the whole team together, he supports the team in whatever decisions they make and he supports them in any way he can. He gives every teammate a hug after the game no matter how well or poorly they played because he is proud of the team, he reassures the team in the practice huddles and in the huddles after the games how  much he loves the team, every single one of the players. This season was not our best but for sure was not our worst, we fought hard this season and with Mountain View High School dropping to 3A next year, we will fight even harder.