Wrestling Season Preview


Noah Sutton

For most people, the harsh winter weather of Colorado is a good excuse to stay inside, get a blanket and some hot chocolate, and turn on ”The Office” and be lazy all day. For Wrestlers, it’s the most intense time of the year. For these athletes it means giving up their holiday months for hours of training every day. Conditioning, cutting weight, and getting on the mat. These wrestlers use winter sports as an opportunity to stay active and in shape during the cold weather, and also as a positive thing to keep them occupied during the bitter winter months. 


Mason Vigil, junior, steps back on the mats for his third year in a row. A varsity wrestler at 132 pounds, this year will be his ultimate mission for a state title. Vigil has been a fighter ever since he was young. His father is a black-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has influenced him into a similar lifestyle of the grind of a full-contact sport. Vigil said, “Although having a sport at this time of the year is tough because of holidays and not being able to hang out with family and friends over the holidays, I’m looking forward to seeing my growth over the season. My overall goal this season, is to place at state, and my motivation for that is that I want to carry on wrestling throughout college, so I have to work hard to get to that level.” Vigil is looking forward to a successful season and his attempt at going to state.


Cedric Mallett, junior, has similar goals. Mallett is a varsity wrestler and is looking forward to an even better season than last year, hopefully achieving state for his first time. Mallett said, “What motivates me as a wrestler is the competition and the great friends I’ve made wrestling.  The most difficult task with wrestling is not only the mental aspect, but the physical aspect: you need to be able to endure the training, the pain, the recovery time and the mental aspect of going into that room every day. You have to give it all that you have, and being able to walk away from a  training session absolutely exhausted and being able to be mentally tough enough to go back into that room day after day.”


Wrestling has shown to be one of the most grueling and difficult sports in the world. The constant pressure and work ethic that comes with this is a value that you take with you your whole life. The goal of wrestling isn’t just the skill aspect, it helps shape young boys into the men they will be the rest of their lives. “When you step on the mat, the adrenaline that comes with it is an experience that lasts with you forever, there’s not a lot of things like that,” says Mallett. Wrestling is not just an athletic opportunity, it is a lifestyle that comes with lists of benefits. This is evidence that a sport can truly changes student’s lives. 


All winter sports start on November 18th. You can get your winter sports sign up sheets at any time in the Never Summer office. It’s a life-changing experience and an opportunity to create a family out of a team.