Teen Inspiration

Aspen Essen, Student life reporter


  Mountain View High School is an ordinary school, but one specific student isn’t so ordinary. Michael Cheuvront, junior, has an album “Say it to my Face” (https://open.spotify.com/track/5ZIyJKSThKMU1kFI8NLt36?si=VrjHpULuQt2yHXT5Ah2j2A) which was officially released on December 12, 2018. He is also signed to 600VOLT Records. 

  Finding inspiration is a big thing to have when in the music industry, but for Cheuvront, he’s got it all figured out. This is what inspired Cheuvront, “when I was little, I would write songs and perform them for my family on my fake microphone, and it ended up becoming a huge passion as I grew older. I also have done musical theater since I was six, so music has always been super important to me.” 

  That isn’t the only thing that has inspired him, especially for a certain song on the “Say it to my face” album: “Panic Attacks” always hits me on a different level because I wrote it fresh off a wave of anxiety, and I have so many memories and feelings attached to it from when I went in to record it. Also, of course, my girl Ariana inspired my sound for this era,” Cheuvront said. These are just a few things that have inspired the “Say it to my face” album, and some songs more than others, like the song “Panic attacks.”

  Inspiration isn’t the only thing that is crucial in getting creative juices flowing: so is who/what helped get you there. “I owe the people who were the worst to me a ton of credit. Without them, I wouldn’t have been fueled to write impactful music. I’ve been writing and producing music for years, but the process from start to finish on Say It to My Face was about 2 years. It consisted of highs, lows, voice notes, rejection, breakthroughs, 1,000 Garageband projects, meetings, phone calls, notebooks of song lyrics, branding ideas  and hours in a recording booth.” From not-so-supportive peers to hard work and dedication, the music industry takes some turns in what you would think helped you get there to become where you are at this point and time. 

  “Say it to my face” is Cheuvront’s first published album with Bluelight Records. Cheuvront says “I applied and submitted my music for a few labels, and ended up signing with 600VOLT Records, who allowed me to create my own sub-label which I named Bluelight Records. That way, I didn’t have to sign my whole musical career away and can make whatever kind of music I want.” To be able to have control of your own future of music and total freedom with it is truly something extraordinary. 

  From the past and now then into the future things are bound to change, but does Cheuvront want things to change? “If you told me 2.5 years ago that everything I was going through would give me a number one album, I would have never believed you. I plan on doing this for as long as I can because music is my favorite therapy. I’m already almost done with my next album, and have enough ideas to last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to grow as an artist, and more importantly, as a person.”


 “I don’t make music for money or validation, but it was pretty cool when I got the call that my album had reached the #1 position on the Colorado-based charts. It felt like everything was worth it and I proved the people who said I couldn’t do it, wrong.” Cheuvront also says, “I am beyond thankful. This music has completely switched my mentality, and I take nothing for granted. It taught me that if anyone makes you feel less than perfect, they can say it to your face.” It’s astonishing to me that a musician can create this mentality and mindset for himself, making him see a different light in the world. 


  Inspiration and influencers are big in helping motivate towards becoming successful in music but what about some tips for starters that are coming into this amazing industry? Cheuvront says, “Give every idea a chance and write everything down. You never know if that stupid melody you made up in the shower could be your best song. Also, people will be jerks regardless, so you might as well make money off of it.” Long story short, take chances because you never know what opportunities will come of it.