Bonding with the Boys


Soha Ali, Reporter

This year, it was supposed to be different. Due to a lack of players (18 total), there was only one team– varsity. Because of this, the expectations were higher: expectations that many could say were not met.  

The difference did end up making an impact on the players as a whole, although their 3-10 record does not necessarily reflect that. Regardless, the team did believe that they did take steps toward growth as players because of the growth as a team. Part of this growth as a team is due to freshmen being included. “I believe this season was pretty good in general,” freshman, Ashton Gilbert said. “I feel like it’s a good idea to have one team because we could prioritize better and focus on just us. One of the best parts about this was that almost everyone got to letter.”

Aside from lettering, there were a number of problems that plagued this year’s squad. “There were a lot of reasons why we lost our games, but one of the main ones was the amount of injuries,” sophomore, Carter Emsing stated. There were many concussions, there was an ACL injury, and more. Since there was only one team, the lack of subs was also a big issue.  The more players they lost due to injury, the less they had on the field and on the bench.  

Soccer is a sport of agility, pace and effort.  This requires a lot of the player’s energy and they would usually have eleven players on the field (including the goalkeeper).  With injuries and yellow/red cards in the way, this cuts the amount of players on the field. 

Sophomore, Trevor Anderson said, “Another reason our stats didn’t turn out the way we wanted to is because we are still a 4A school when we should be 3A.” 3A means the number of students decreased in our school, but we still played with the schools with more students (who would be more experienced and are familiar with playing with harder teams). The boys kept a strong season overall and enjoyed the bond they made throughout the season. A couple of boys did receive yellow or red cards through the season, but kept their heads held up high for the next game. 

“This soccer season was a very tough one, but we held it together.  Without many subs for the season, we had to play harder than usual,” senior, Saul Escudero said. “We fought against schools that usually would mercy us, but this year they didn’t.” Mercy rule is when you get scored on ten times and do not score for your own team.  Against hard teams, they would get mercy-ruled in the past, but this year it only happened once due to the amount of injuries they had on their team. 

“To make next season better, we need to get more students to join soccer and try it out!  We always need players,” Escudero stated. Soccer is a difficult sport, but the MVHS Lions powered through it and bonded like a family at the same time. This bonding is what will help us strike into the future.