Conference Attendance in Decline


Jackson Desaire, Sports editor

  Parent-teacher conferences are always a time students either love or dread. Some are excited to show off their academic excellence to their parents, others are nervous about being called out in front of their guardians, and some just don’t go at all. In recent years, attendance for parent-teacher conferences has gone down, which could prove to be a big problem for the amount of information parents are actually receiving about their child’s efforts in school. We take to the students and staff of Mountain View High School to get some tangible insight into this possible growing problem.

  According to reports provided by Mountain View’s principal, Mrs. Harmon, attendance for the conferences was extremely low. Data that was acquired from the recent conferences showed that only 330 out of the 1,218 currently enrolled students attended the conferences. “Mountain View teachers, staff and administration want to partner with parents and guardians to ensure that student needs are met,” said Harmon. 

  One thing that gets lost in translation a lot is that conferences are not meant to put the student in a bad light and scrutinize their effort in school, but rather they are meant to help the student and their parents understand what the student needs help with to succeed. From a teacher’s perspective, this could very well be the reason for the low attendance of the recent conferences.

  Although reports from the principal could give us a lot of insight into the internal problem with conferences, many students have their own reasons for not attending. “My parents didn’t bother to make an appointment because they already get grade updates from Infinite Campus,” said Kenli Herrera, 10. This is a fair point, with the advancements of everyday technologies, it has become very easy for parents to stay in constant contact with teachers through email and always know their children’s grades using Infinite Campus. These applications can make it so easy for parents to stay up to date with everything going on in the children’s school life, that they make these conferences avoidable without consequence.

  Should it really be surprising that the attendance has been waning in recent years, especially with these advancements in technology? No, because with advancement comes change, and this change has made it even easier than ever before for parents to get into contact with their children’s teachers, which could prove to be even more beneficial than the conferences themselves. Within minutes, a parent and teacher can determine a problem with a student’s effort and fix it almost instantly. How these advancements will affect the future of American High Schools is left to be seen. In the meantime, make sure you’re ready to bring mom and dad to spring conferences!