#SeniorSunday Season

Michael Cheuvront, Student Life

  It’s that time of year– when the #SeniorSunday posts take over your entire Instagram feed and make you question your financial decisions for a trendy photoshoot. As silly as it may seem to some, it’s a vital part of getting the full senior experience. If you haven’t already thought about your senior pictures, now is the time. Deadlines are quickly approaching and some students will be left empty-handed when the end of the year comes and they regret not submitting a photo. 

  Plenty of photographers in the area are hard at work making sure that every senior who wants their dream photoshoot is accounted for. If you’re stuck on who to ask to get yours done, take a look at some Mountain View students who swear by their favorite portrait gurus. Senior Mackenzie Mackin just recently had her shoot with an up and coming Colorado photographer whom she swears is the best of the best. “I’ve known Britni Girard since I was little, and I don’t think there’s anyone else I would recommend for their senior pictures,” she said. “I booked a session with her after being a representative, and she literally let me do whatever I wanted. I’m obsessed with how they turned out,  and if anyone is in a crunch or still needs someone, talk to her ASAP.” Mackin’s photos consisted of brightly lit outdoor photography and landscape shots. 

  Senior Taygan Lane also had her shoot recently with Photography by Desiree, a Fort Collins-based portrait photographer. “We went up the Poudre Canyon, and it felt really professional. She brings her assistant to help out, and you definitely get your bang for your buck.” Lane got her pictures done just recently, and intentionally waited to allow for the best time of year to capture what she wanted. She’s waiting on her first #SeniorSunday post, but will be ready when the time feels right to share her photos.

  While some students find it necessary to invest in photographers, others may prefer to take their pictures themselves. A colorful background and another willing human being can sometimes be all it takes to capture your dream photo. Senior Ashley Arthur recommends this method to anyone looking for a last-minute alternative. “I’ve taken some people’s pictures with my camera, and they turn out great. You don’t need to have anything too fancy to make for a great yearbook photo,” she says. “I would choose that option before even thinking about paying a photographer. Your pretty face is all you need.”

  If you’re on a crunch to find someone to take your pictures, listen to the reviews of Mountain View High School students themselves and consider Britni Girard Photography, Photography by Desiree, or even take your own. Once you have your favorite photo solidified, don’t wait to submit it to the Yearbook committee before the deadline is behind you. The last day to submit your picture is Oct. 31. Happy #SeniorSunday season!