Ladies Lacrosse is Looking Strong

Harley Buffington

   Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and that growth has just expanded to Mountain View High School. Lacrosse provides an excellent team environment for the people who play it, and also helps to build you up both physically and mentally. One of the people that is helping to lead this sport expansion into our school is MVHS teacher Lauren Caldwell, who has a long history with the sport of lacrosse. Both her and sister began playing it in middle school at the insistence of their father. Caldwell found a lot to be gained from playing lacrosse and hopes the same will happen for those who decide to play it this upcoming season. 

  That season will be a season of firsts for both Caldwell and Mountain View lacrosse. It will be Caldwell’s first time coaching lacrosse, and she will be the head coach of the JV lacrosse team, In their first season. Caldwell is looking forward to using her experience as a lacrosse athlete to better lead her team and help the people on it to succeed. For the people that are interested in joining this team, Caldwell suggests that they should look into taking good care of themselves, be good with a lacrosse stick, and most importantly, be willing to work as a team. “We believe, as a team, that the team should be as connected as possible.” 

  This high level of teamwork, and the very united atmosphere, is something Caldwell considers one of the greatest positives of lacrosse. As well as coaches trying to be relaxed in their interactions with students, Caldwell wants to help her players and give them a large amount of both freedom and support. “We are big believers in letting our players be people before anything else — that means we adjust for accommodations, we will try our best to let our students take care of their grades, etc. We hope to keep the family-like atmosphere and competitiveness of the situation.” While lacrosse has many positives to playing it, there are also some negatives that can come with playing the sport.

  The main negative that Caldwell addressed is how demanding that lacrosse can be. It can be a massive test of both your body and your mind, so it is important that you apply yourself at all times on the field. Caldwell realizes the difficulty in that and tries to keep it at a good balance. “We hope to keep grounded and realistic in our expectations, but we want to keep the competitiveness of the sport alive with all of the choices we make, so we like to push that element for our varsity team.” 

  However, while lacrosse is a very demanding sport it can provide a great environment for people looking for a fun new challenge. A lot of athletes find connections between other sports and lacrosse, especially between lacrosse and softball. Caldwell sees the role that lacrosse has, “ it truly is a unique sport rooted in a lot of powerful history.” Caldwell also summarizes the reasons to get involved in this amazing sport. “It’s a great sport to learn more about yourself — you get to test your connections with the coaches, with peers, with rivals, etc. You get to learn the extent of your body and learn what confidence truly feels like when you find success in a play with your teammates.”

  If this sounds like something that interests you, you can get involved right now. Lacrosse is currently in its preseason and will start in the spring (practices are on Tuesdays). Lacrosse games will begin in March and last until May. You can discuss joining and even borrow some equipment to get more familiar with it. If you’re interested, meet with Ms. Caldwell in room E204. Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport. It can help to improve you both mentally and physically and it will help you develop many skills such as the ability to work with a team. So if this sounds interesting to you, ask Caldwell and see where Lacrosse could take you.