Strive For 2025

Destiny Jurado, Reporter

  Within the next five years, we are going to have a breakthrough and things will be very, very different here in Thompson School District. As district staff, the team has come together to come up with a strategic plan to better our staff, students and community for all schools in TSD. They have four categories they are focusing on to make Thompson School District a top-notch school district: improving student achievement, creating an inclusive and supportive culture, attracting and retaining the best human talent, and finally, responsible stewardship of resources.

  The starting vision for Strive 2025 all started with Dr. Marc Schaffer. This is his first year as TSD’s superintendent. ‘’I noticed that our district, we had a mission and a vision but not a strategic plan, so Strive 2025 is the new strategic plan. It is the direction that I hope our district will move. It aligns our priorities, it really creates our true north,’’ said Dr. Schaffer. He has been coming up with a very straight-forward plan to make our whole district community a better place. Schaffer says,‘’ We have very ambitious goals: between now and 2025, we want to see exponential growth in the [four main areas] we are focusing on.’’  There are individual things about each focus area that makes each of them an important piece of this strategic plan.

  Our principal, Mrs. Jane Harmon, has already started to implement aspects of this new strategic plan for our student body here at Mountain View. Our new freshman academy program for one. This program has helped our school community by helping keep our freshman class of 2023 organized and more engaged in their school work. “As we are already seeing it happen here at MVHS, I think we’ll see the development and expansion of vibrant building culture and an environment in which we support each other in achieving important, personal, and collective goals that reach far beyond the walls of our school,’’ says Harmon. 

  The main focus of Strive 2025 seems to be this idea of the portrait of a graduate: from pre-school or kindergarten to senior year, each and every student will carry these traits, so when the student graduates, he/she can say that they felt like their district kept them on task while also making sure that the student knew there was a safe space to go to when in times of distress. “One area where MVHS has more work to do is in the communication of the Portrait of a Graduate; we will be working to ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of the Portrait and Strive 2025 and how these clear goals affect their classroom and building practices on a daily basis. We can only achieve these solid, realistic goals if we work together as students, staff, parents, community, and administration,” says Harmon.  

  One thing that our school district is going to do to improve the mental health of our students is hire  additional teachers to help students with all things stressful. Harmon says, “midyear at MVHS, we have hired an additional social-emotional specialist to help our students in both academics and social-emotional health. This also decreases the heavy load for teachers and counselors as they offer support to our students.”

  The future of our school is already changing for the better: we have implanted things already to make improvements for our students and staff, and there is still so much to do. “As we’re already seeing happen at MVHS, I think we’ll see the development and expansion of vibrant building culture and an environment in which we support each other in achieving important personal and collective goals that reach far beyond the walls of our school,” says Harmon. We want the growth of a positive community to be more than just inside our school walls, and we are working on ways to encourage students in our district and in our community to be better citizens.

  This strategic plan is going to take some time to fully apply to the whole district, but the goal is that by 2025, the district will be on track with this plan.  We will be a connected system, so our students and staff can cooperate and the students can achieve and graduate knowing that TSD did their part in encouraging them to always do their best.