Sadie Durrant

Brittyn Dowdell

  Sadie Durrant is currently a sophomore at MVHS who has been on the MVHS girls’ basketball team for two years. Basketball has been a part of her life for four years, ever since 6th grade.

  “I started playing basketball because I couldn’t play football. My parents have always wanted me to be engaged in sports, but more importantly, sports that I liked,” said Sadie.  “I couldn’t play football because my parents didn’t want me tackling, so once I was introduced to basketball, I instantly fell in love.” Sadie uses basketball not only to stay active but also to cope with stress. “It distracts me from the world around me and makes me feel good,” she says. Sadie experiences an adrenaline rush at every game that gets her head in the game. Focusing on one goal for a short period of time gives her a great feeling. She loves how she can connect with her teammates, who are like a second family to her.

  Sadie plays point guard for Mountain View and shooting guard for her club team, Soar. She hopes to continue her love for basketball by playing for Colorado University. Her club team practices in the summer and even travels to big competitions, including Nebraska where colleges look at them. She said, “I can see myself playing in college, but I wouldn’t want to continue after. Girls who play basketball professionally don’t make enough money. So I hope to do something else I love, like civil engineering.” Sadie feels basketball has bettered her as a person physically and mentally. She gets many opportunities and feels as if she always has a side plan in case things don’t go her way and she can be herself.

“One of my best highlights was my sophomore year, towards the end of basketball season, I hit a game-winner, and I haven’t forgotten that moment since.” Sadie Durrant’s passion for basketball has brought her many opportunities, many great memories, and many great friends.