Food Insecurity

Brittyn Dowdell

  All over the world people everyday experience food insecurity. It is an incredibly big issue all over the world, including the United States. Food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to food. One in eight Americans are battling food insecurity every single day. 

  As Ms. Holland says, “It is important that people know about this so that everyone has an equitable chance at success,” Mrs.Holland had her students watch the short movie A Place At The Table which covers the many definitions of food insecurity to bring awareness to it. The video attempts to pull at the audience’s attention by tugging at their emotions and sharing real-life stories of people who are food insecure. 

  “Growing up I was food insecure for most of my childhood,” says Mrs. Holland, “Education is a common way of how people “get themselves” into food insecurity. School supplies and school fees take away from families leaving them with little-to-no income.” Schools, however, have helped this issue by providing the Free and Reduced Program and the Food Pantry. The Free and Reduced Program helps kids who do not have enough money to provide them lunch every day at school. It is completely anonymous so nobody would ever know if you were in the program. MVHS food pantry is sort of like the Free and Reduced Program, except you take food home with you. It has fruits, granola bars, small meals like macaroni, and other snacks to help kids get the food they need. In November 2019, MVHS held a food drive sponsored by NHS (National Health Service). Each second period had their students bring in canned foods or packaged foods for kids/families who can’t afford it. 

  Sadie Durrant, sophomore, has been food insecure. Luckily, she and her family applied for food stamps which they sometimes have to rely on when income is not enough. Sadie plays basketball, not only does she need money for food to get the calories she needs, but she has to pay the athletic fees which range between $125-$150. Sadie said, “My family relies on food stamps a lot of the time. It really helps, but once my mom got a slight raise in her job, and they almost took them away. I’m not an only child, I do have two other siblings.” 

  It is important that people all around the world, including Loveland, Colorado are aware of food insecurity. There are so many ways we can help and so many opportunities to. It is not just people who are food insecure but entire families.