Swimming Season is Starting!

Harley Buffington

  While sports such as football, basketball, and soccer are all sports that everyone at Mountain View is aware of, there are many other interesting sports that are overlooked. One of these sports is swimming. Swimming is an interesting sport, largely unique from other sports especially at Mountain View but its something that few people know about. One person that knows quite a bit about the Mountain View swim team is Bailey Vrem. 

  Vrem has enjoyed swimming for the majority of her life and has always had an interest in it. She explains her passion for it and how excited she was to get started. She started at the age of four but didn’t begin swimming on a team until sixth grade. Vrem has been swimming ever since, including being on the Mountain View’s swim team last year as well as this year. Vrem doesn’t plan on this being her last year on the team. “I plan to swim until my senior year unless something stops me otherwise. I also plan to swim in college.” 

  The swim team is fairly small, only between 15-25 members, but the team has accomplished quite a lot and Vrem enjoys the atmosphere the team has created. “One of my biggest accomplishments is going to state even though I was just recovering from a concussion. I lost a little bit of progress, but my coaches knew that I worked hard and gave me the opportunity to go to state. One of the biggest accomplishments we’ve had as a team is creating a positive environment. Yes, there is occasionally drama, but overall every girl is there to support and give confidence to one another.”

  Vrem enjoys the entire atmosphere of swimming, especially being able to represent Mountain View on a large stage. “I love everything about being a student-athlete. I’m blessed to be given athletic abilities. Representing Mountain View as an athlete fills me with great pride and confidence. I am excited and I even occasionally brag about records, because I’m proud to go to Mountain View.” The positive atmosphere of the team is another thing that Vrem enjoys. The entire team pushes each other to do better but also allow the sport to be fun. “The team atmosphere is very positive and competitive. We push each other to do our best, but we don’t ignore the fact that swimming is supposed to be fun. Other sports ignore that sports are meant to be fun and often eliminate happiness from the sport. Swimming keeps everyone happy, even though we complain all the time. Though we have ups and downs, that just makes us come back so much stronger.” Vrem enjoys many parts about swimming but agrees that the sport has some negative aspects to it. 

  The main downside that Vrem mentions is the injuries that, while a natural part of sports, are still an unfortunate thing to deal with. “Nothing kills me more than missing a meet because of an injury. It’s so hard to avoid injuries because no one is perfect and even the best Olympians get injuries.” While the injuries are unfortunate, Vrem highly recommends that more people join the swim team and mentions it many benefits while giving encouragement to anyone interested in joining the team. “The swim team is the best way to stay in shape while still maintaining a healthy and fun environment. Swimming builds relationships really quickly and those bonds aren’t easily shaken. Swimmers aren’t judgmental because we are all striving to better ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you started from the bottom, because everyone can make it to the top if they put their mind to it.” For the people that are interested in joining, Vrem has something to say. “Please join! Swimming is incredible and everyone on the team is so welcoming. You will make some pretty amazing memories that are unlike any other sport.” Swimming is something that can help you improve yourself and allow you to make great friends. Vrem feels it would be a great experience for anyone who joins.