Finals Week Stress

Reese Wheeler, News Reporter

  Finals week is one of the most stressful weeks of the year for students. Many students have certain superstitions and beliefs about finals week. Studying for some students is something really important, but for others, it is often the least of their worries.

  Stress is one of the most common words you might hear in a conversation about finals. For Adylaide Laney and Catie Cayou, their most stressful final right now is Biology. Adylaide and Catie do not mind the fact that Mountian View will have half days during finals week, but they also do not like taking finals. Both of them think that their easiest final is going to be their Culinary final because it is a simple recipe book with nutritional information.

  Many students have different study strategies that help them best. Some students think that not studying helps them best, this is the case for Adylaide and Catie. Catie says, “My dad yells at me until I cry to make me do it, it makes my dad sound bad but he’s not that terrible.” Like Catie’s parents, some parents enforce studying while others do not. Instead, they trust their students that they will study as they need to.

  Students believe that chewing gum or having something specific with them while taking the test will help them. Catie drinks lots of water as well as chewing gum. Adylaide says, “I chew mint gum.” They believe by doing these things they can do better on the test and help them focus. Other students will eat or drink something specific because in the past they may have done well on a test with those items. The morning before each test, Adylaide eats a chocolate chip cookie while Catie does nothing specific.

  When finals come around one of the biggest worries is often how the test is going to affect your final grade in the class, most students think that finals are going to turn out bad and their grade will drop. Sometimes students surprise themselves and do a decent job on the test and may even help their grade. Adylaide thinks that her grade will be affected in a bad way while Catie says, “I honestly don’t know I think it will be good, I hope.” They also think that the grades that will most be affected will be English and Biology because those are the classes that they have the lowest grades in.

  Students’ last resort may be to get help from a tutor but oftentimes they do not think that this is needed so they don’t get the help that they may need. Both Adylaide and Catie think that they got this and are going to do decent on the test and don’t need any extra help.