Mrs. Holland

Kendall Millward

  In our Mountain View building, there are a few new faces running the classrooms and walking the halls. Over the summer, several teachers left our school and many new ones took their place. One of the new teachers is Mrs. Holland. She may be your new English teacher, but how well do you know her?  

  This is Holland’s second teaching job after teaching at Missouri State University. She also attended Missouri State for grad school to obtain her master’s degree. She chose to pursue a career in education because she wanted to make a positive impact on the world. She says, “I wanted to make a positive impact on the world around me and I felt education was the best avenue to achieve that.” Her decision to work and teach here came after several interviews at other schools in the area. She says, “I visited other schools but I didn’t think they were a good fit for me and as soon as I came to Mountain View it felt like home.” Feeling at home was very important for her when choosing a place to commit to. For her, Mountain View is different because students are individualistic. By this, she means kids have mixed friends, football players are friends with artists, musicians are friends with members of the chess club, here the student body is unique.

  Holland is originally from Southern St. Loius Missouri. She moved to Colorado because she liked the state and then got a teaching job after her move. Some of her hobbies outside of the classroom include hiking, going to concerts, reading, and writing. She listens to all different types of music from jazz to the newest pop hits. She says a trait of hers that makes her who she is is empathy. “I would not be who I am today and I wouldn’t be a good teacher if it wasn’t for my empathy,” Holland says. Her favorite class to teach here would be college comp which is a college-level English class. It is her favorite because the students are invested in their learning. Holland is someone invested in education and teaching her students to grow and learn. If you’re looking for someone to chat with or need help writing a killer college essay, go stop by and learn about a new member or our school!