Lions Lettering Left and Right!


Soha Ali, News Reporter

When you walk through the halls of Mountain View high school, you’ll always see a black or purple leather jacket with the MVHS letters on it.  These letters represent student’s hard work in athletics, clubs, academics, and more.

Lettering is the process of when a student achieves recognition for a certain activity they participate in.  A letter is a patch shaped like an “M” that students put on their Letterman jackets. 

You can receive a letter if you are an acceptable athlete or participant in a certain activity.  There are several different things you can letter in for MVHS. The first time you letter, you will receive the patch which gets you an opportunity to get a letterman jacket.  If you continue to letter in any other activities, you get a pin to represent what you lettered in. Students also receive bars which are pins that represent how many years you have been doing that activity.  If you have four bars for a certain sport, that represents that you have been playing for four years. You can have as many as one to more than 20!
Senior, Hailey Robinson has a total of 20 pins.  “I have a letter for 3 years of academics, Swimming, two years of Soccer management, one year of softball (received a captain pin), National Honors Society for two years, and Yearbook three years.  I think Letterman jackets are important because it gives everyone a reason to work hard in everything they do.”

Not only are Letterman jackets cool, but they also provide a sense of reassurance that you have achieved something.

Julianne McMahon, a teacher at MVHS said, “I feel like whether its an academic or athletic letter, it gives you a little more value to your experience, but it also gives you something to work towards.”

McMahon was the first person to receive a Letterman jacket at MVHS.  Since MVHS opened the year of her senior year, she played softball and received a letter.  Since her birthday was also near, she received a Letterman jacket in return for her hard work. 

There are several things students can letter in, making the hallways filled with purple or black jackets.  The things people can letter in include DECA, FBLA, Speech, Forensics, Knitting club, Model UN, Thespian Society, Yearbook, Newspaper, Student Council, and all sports including, Lacrosse and Hockey which are held at different schools.  There are several more, but those usually depend on the coaches.

The coach or the instructor of each activity is usually the one who is in charge of when you receive the letter.  It could vary from how many years you’ve been in it if you are playing on a varsity sport. The same goes with receiving a letter in managing- the coach is usually the one who decides when you should receive the letter/pin.  This is usually based on how well you do the activity or how much you worked for it. 

Senior, Ashley Arthur has lettered several times but has never gotten her Letterman jacket. “I’ve considered getting one, but I didn’t want to show it off freshman and sophomore year.  I still believe that lettering shows a student’s pride and spirit.”

Letters represent dedication and hard work throughout any activities of MVHS.  Having a letter is an accomplishment and the students at MVHS love to show it off.