Basketball Preview


Noah Sutton, Sports reporter

Basketball is one of the most-watched and loved sports in the world, this carries into high schools as well. Students use this as an opportunity to put on some purple spirit gear and face paint to go and meet up with their best friends to watch the game. For the basketball players, it means several months of high pace workouts and training, and a possible chance at a scholarship to their dream college. This is many people’s passion, dream, and future. 


Erik Anaya, junior, is a starter for our MVHS Basketball team. Anaya, formerly a student of Thompson Valley High School has his eyes set on a varsity spot this season and is looking for a big win against his old teammates. Anaya sees basketball as his passion, he almost feels as if it is part of him. “Basketball has changed my life… It’s made me lose weight, become athletic, and feel in shape…it became something I do every day and hope it becomes a part of my future…when I’m on the court it feels like all my worries and problems are temporarily gone… I love every part of the game.” The love and appreciation Anaya has for the sport just shows exactly how motivating and influential a simple sport can become for some students. It then morphs into more than just a sport and becomes a way of life. Anaya is looking forward to the season and hopefully a state championship. “As far as the new season goes, my ultimate goal is to go off against my old school and make it my best season yet.” 


Carson Bruschke, also a MVHS starter, intends to make a statement this season. It is Bruschke’s senior year and he has every intention of making it his best year. “My goal is to end my high school basketball career with all wins, I want to show how good I can be and really test myself.” Although Bruschke doesn’t have the aspiration to make a career out of this, he is still more than motivated and ready to take on any challenge that gets thrown his way during this season. “I love being tested, the hardest games are the ones that I will hold close to me my whole life, those are the games that brought the best out of my teammates and I.” 


The 2019-2020 Varsity Basketball season is going to be full of dreams, goals, dedication, and hard work. These students have sacrificed so much of their time and energy, all for their love of basketball and their drive to be the very best. This is so much more than just a sport to a lot of these student-athletes. This is their lives, and many of them hope to make it their futures. In a flooded market of millions of kids who have the same dreams, it may seem easy to give up and be unmotivated, but these negative thoughts have not made their way into the heads of the Mountain View Lions, the goal has remained the same– to be the very best.