Were the iPads Worse Than the Chromebooks?

Kaelyn Bates, Reporter

  Since the very first day of the 2019-2020 school year, students have talked about the difference between Chromebooks and IPADs. 

  I’ve remained quiet about it for the most part, because honestly, the argument never seemed important to me –we already have the Chromebooks there was no point in complaining. I know, I’m supposed to have a side, but honestly, the whole iPad or Chromebook argument is a technology version of Marvel versus D.C. 

  But I do have some opinions about the iPads and the Chromebooks. There have been times when I have gotten very annoyed with the Chromebooks. I’m on my second Chromebook before the first semester has even ended, and I know a lot of other people that are on their second or third, too. 

  The reason I had to change Chromebooks in the first place was that almost all of the keys got jammed continuously or fully stopped working. I wasn’t even that mad about the keys, other than it made me take extra time on some of my assignments. What I was upset about was that other than what was saved in my drive, nothing that was downloaded on my Chromebook had saved.

  I had pictures, recordings, and Word and Powerpoint documents on my first Chromebooks, none of which transferred to the Chromebook which I have now, which was extremely aggravating. 

  There have also been the many instances where I’m doing homework with the Chromebook away from school or home. I think everyone in one of these instances has come to realize that the Chromebook is an extra two pounds of nothing when there is no internet. Just saying, that didn’t happen with the iPads.

  Other than that, I do like the computer –mostly because of the keyboard (when it isn’t jammed). The touchscreen isn’t something that I use a lot of the time, but for certain things, it’s nice. If you think about it, the touchscreen on the Chromebooks are essentially the iPads, but with the keyboards. 

  Of course, the iPads had no keyboard. The school required you to have a case on them so that if anything happened, there was less of a chance of it breaking. And the cases weren’t a big deal, besides the fact that they made the accessibility of typing and using the iPads, much, much harder. That’s about all I have to say about the iPads.

  So, this brings me to the final decision; which one is better? And my answer is –I promise I chose one– is the Chromebooks.

  I mean, I’m not paying to fix the Chromebook every time the keys stop working. I just get a new one from the library. Yes, that undoubtedly will annoy me after a while, but I’ll just remember to download everything I need to Google Drive. And secretly, I think the keyboard is by far better than the iPad screen you had to tap 20 times before working.

  I’m glad that Thompson School District gave Mountain View Chromebooks this year. If I had to choose, I would take the Chromebooks –maybe just not the malfunctions that come with them. Regardless, we are lucky to have this technology at our disposal, and it will help us all as we go into the 2020s.