Final Grind: 5 Tips to Get Through Finals Week

Cali Burrell, Reporter

With the Fall semester of 2019 coming to an end its time for those of us who have let the procrastinating get the best of us to kick ourselves into full gear. With finals week being just around the corner many of us need to be catching up or studying and finishing final projects. I’m gonna give you five tips to get through this week without stress or bad outcomes:

  • Plan Out What Needs to Be Done: Planning out what you need to get done and by when it needs to be done you are able to prioritize. When making your plan make it from the most important to the least, by doing so you are already prioritizing. Planning things out can eliminate stress and can help you stay on track. No more procrastination!


  • Take Some time for Yourself: When crunching for finals not taking a break can cause you to stress out and be overwhelmed. So take time for yourself, hang out with friends, go workout, and spend time with family. By taking some time for yourself you elevate the stress and you’re not burning yourself out. Even if you’re just taking breaks in between projects and/or assignments, or taking one day to yourself. Breathe and get ready to do your best. 


  • Maintain Your Health: Make sure you are eating and keeping yourself hydrated. If you’re going to a coffee shop to study bring water and pack your own snacks. Eat things that will keep you energized and focused. Drink tons of water and try to cut back on sodas, coffee, and energy drinks. Get sleep! Don’t stay up until two or three a.m. doing work, make sure you get the sleep you need. By keeping your body healthy, hydrated, and well-rested you will have more time to focus on your work and you won’t be depriving your body of its necessities. 


  • Touch Base: Touch base with fellow classmates and your teachers. By doing so you may come across knowledge that may be crucial to your final or helpful while studying. You could even take time during an off block or Pride-Time to get with other classmates to clear up any questions you may have before going to your teacher. By touching base you are freeing up any worry over things you are unclear on.


  • Switch It Up: Don’t focus on just one subject or class for the study time you have set aside. Switch it up pick two or three classes to work on and don’t spend the whole time on a single subject. By doing so you are making progress and loosening up on the stress you may have. Switching things up makes your focus stronger and your procrastination a thing of the past.