Lions Getting “Lit” With Christmas Spirit


Soha Ali, News Reporter

What better way to celebrate Christmas spirit than to decorate the school to make it more jolly?  Everywhere you look, there will always be a sign of Christmas spirit: either in the halls, in an FTLA, or in a classroom. 

For many students, this was a big change.  Not only does it lift up the moods of the student body, but it provides a sense of jolliness in the school.

The school was separated into four parts: Winter Wonderland, Gingerbread World, Santa’s Workshop/North Pole, and Candy Land.  Besides the FTLA’s, there were also decorations around the lobby and all across the hallways. 

All of these places were decorated by members of Student Council.  On December 7th, the students came into school to work on the decorations for almost six hours in total.  Since it was a Saturday morning, they got to decide when to take breaks and when to eat lunch. 

Before they could put up the decorations, they either had to make them or buy them.  Throughout a couple of weeks before finals, many students cut snowflakes or did anything productive for the decorations to be put up. 

“It took class time, some of lunchtime, and our workday to finish everything up, but it was worth it,” Sophomore Katana Rivette said.

Each area was divided into committees that were run by Committee Heads (some of the students in Student Council).  The students picked were and what they wanted to work on.  

Senior Madison Emsing was the person behind the idea of this.  She believed that the school needed more spirit and to bring up the student’s spirits.  

“I like the school to feel cozy and inviting to others so they want to be here,” Sophomore Katana Rivette said.  She also worked on a certain portion of the school which was Winter Wonderland and then after she helped with others.  Some portions of the school were easier than others. 

For the lights that were strung across the halls, it took much longer than the rest.  They were zig-zagged across the walls above the students. The lights were what caught many of the students’ eye since they were strung all across the school.  “It took about six hours,” Sophomore Carter Emsing said, “I wanted to get it all done, so I skipped lunch and worked on it with Mr. Barron.” Since they only had a limited amount of members working on the lights, they worked longer. 

To do all these they needed equipment and ways to hang things up  Students used ladders and chairs to get the job done. 

“I’m happy we did the decorations,” Sophomore Jeremy Attwood said, “It really put everyone in the festive spirit.  It also helps with finals week because it provides a sense of comfort and holiday spirit. 

Mr. Barron said, “I think the decorations provide a visually aesthetic vibe.” He gave credit to the students rather than himself because he believed the students are the reason the school is so festive. 

Overall this semester is ending with a bang of holiday spirit and a ton of jolliness!