Christmas Favorites

Aspen Essen, Student life reporter


Thomas Burgland’s favorite part of Christmas is the fun lights, decorations, and happy Christmas music. 

Reese Wheeler says that this Christmas, her family is starting a new Secret Santa tradition

Destiny Jurado said that her favorite things about Christmas is the time she spends with her family and the feeling of joy during the season, and she gets to wear fuzzy clothes, drink hot cocoa, listen to Christmas songs and watch Elf.

Valentina Vigil says the breakfast and the excitement of opening gifts is what makes Christmas seem like Christmas to her, without that it doesn’t feel right.

Taylor Foster said that having all of her family together and celebrating the excitement for Christmas morning and Christmas eve is what makes Christmas seem like Christmas to her.

Catie Cayou’s favorite memory from Christmas was getting up early Christmas morning and seeing fresh snow on the ground and presents under the tree.

Hailey Stumpf loves all Christmas songs but her absolute favorite Christmas song is White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. 

Paige Cluff has a tradition where her family has a puts a pickle in the tree (an ornament) and whoever finds it first gets to open their presents first.