Big Baller Bruschke

Kendall Millward

Mountain View High School’s boys’ basketball has been off to a great start, and that is partially due to one of our seniors, Carson Bruschke. The boys are on track to have a very successful season with a current 2-1 record. Carson says that based on their play so far they have a good chance to win many of their upcoming games. 

  Carson has been playing the game since sixth grade. He was an athletic kid with a curiosity about sports and decided to pursue basketball. He continued to play because he enjoyed that it was fast-paced, intense, and always kept him moving and going. “Playing basketball keeps me from ever getting bored,” Bruschke says. 

  Some young basketball players grow up idolizing star players or looking at teammates around them for motivation. However, for Bruschke, this is not the case. He says that his motivation for playing comes from within. He plays for the thrill of bettering his skill and himself and the satisfaction of walking off the court knowing he worked hard. He is also motivated by family rivalry. Last year Mountain View had Trey Bruschke on the team. Carson says he works hard so he can do better than his brother. 

  All the hard work he put in over the years is certainly paying off. He already has two tryouts for college teams lined up. His plans are to hopefully play in college but to attend community college for two years or so to really get an idea of what he wants to do and save a little money. However, college tryouts mean this is Bruschke’s last year as a Lion. He says, “This being my last year on the team is so sad because I really like playing with these people but it also motivates me to play harder.” Being a student-athlete is a challenge most of us are aware of. He says it’s really hard and he is always tired after games and practices but still has schoolwork to do. 

  For the current season, his only goal is to beat Thompson Valley both times they play them. For him, this has been a season of success. He says that his teammates impact this because there are connections and chemistry between them that allow him to perform well on the court. His relationships are important to him because “we spend a lot of time together and we all need to get along.” 

  His personal growth this season is being humbled.  “I felt humbled this season because I am a senior on the team and I’m like on the top but there are a lot of really talented players in grades below me I play with.” His advice for future lions is to build a culture for sports because sports are important to the high school experience and it’s important to build the student section. 

  Our boys’ basketball team is doing really well and this is partly thanks to a talented senior, Carson Bruschke. So make an effort to go join our student section and cheer on our hard-working boys as they make this season one to remember.