Who struggles with math? Most of us!


Harley Buffington, Reporter

  Math is a subject that many students struggle with. And in that way, Mountain View is no different. Something that sets Mountain View apart from most other schools is the amount of help that students can get. Many of the math teachers at Mountain View are happy to meet with their students at certain times during the day. Some teachers go above and beyond to help the students of Mountain View.

  One of these teachers is Emily Logsdon. Logsdon is a new teacher at Mountain View, but she decided, along with a few other teachers, that they wanted to find a way to make a positive impact on our school and to help our students. Logsdon did this by creating a math tutoring club. She noticed that kids were busy during some parts of the day, “we saw that a lot of students couldn’t come during PRIDE, so we wanted to offer another time for them to come and get help.” After she noticed this, she wanted to give students more opportunities to study, help their grades, and improve their math skills.  Logsdon, as well as Morgan Storley, help students with any math that they might need help with. “If anyone comes in the mornings, we are here to help with whatever assignments they have or any homework they need help with or whatever they’re working on.” 

  The idea to bring together a group of math tutors is a new one at Mountain View. Logsdon and Storley had the idea to create a form of club to help tutor math students at our school near the beginning of the year, and have spent the months since trying to help students with math and get the word out about the very beneficial services that Mountain View has to offer. Logsdon loves being able to help students be more successful when it comes to math. “It’s really enjoyable when someone can come and figure something out that they didn’t know before.” She also enjoys the benefits of collaborating with other math teachers so that they might be able to look at things from a different perspective and are able to explain it to students in different ways. “Sometimes it takes being able to hear the wording from someone else to really understand it.”

  Logsdon wants math tutoring to be an opportunity for students who need help with math but are busy during PRIDE and aren’t able to get help at certain times. She sees the benefit of math tutoring: students can talk to multiple teachers and hear things in a different way that may help them understand the subject better. The ultimate goal is helping students turn in more assignments and improve their grades in whatever math class they are in. Logsdon says that students should come in for math tutoring if they need help with homework or are unhappy with their math grade and want to try and improve it. She also wants students to feel free to come in and speak with her if they would just like to refresh their skills in any area of math, or if they had trouble with a lesson and want to talk about it.

  Tutoring is available to every student at Mountain View from Freshmen to Seniors, as well as people in any math class. It is a great alternative to students that are busy during PRIDE time but still would like help getting a better understanding of any area of math. There are a lot of talented teachers that are happy to help you in math. There is no downside to going and checking out what math tutoring can do to help you, so go ahead and just ask. You can talk to Mrs. Logsdon in room F209 or email her at [email protected] You won’t regret it!