Meaningful Ink

Aspen Essen, Reporter

  Body modifications: what exactly are they? A body modification is changing your appearance by doing something to it that isn’t naturally on the human body. For example, they could range from plastic surgery all the way to piercings and tattoos… it can  even just be dying your hair a different color. It seems to be a trend for Mountain View students lately to get tattoos: some just for fun, others have a meaning and some have a whole story behind it. Some Mountain View High School students have tattoos or want to get tattoos that have meaning.

   Grant Vander-Hamm, junior,  has a tattoo that represents both his birthday and his dad’s birthday– it is a 13 and 30 in Chinese. The 13 stands for his birthday and the 30 stands for his dad’s birthday. Vander-Hamm says “I would like to get my dad, mom, brother, and grandma’s names down my back in a different language.” He also believes that tattoos are just a way to express yourself and set yourself apart from others. 

  Alex Pannone, junior, says “ My whole life, I grew up never wanting piercings and/or tattoos. It was pretty recent (as in the last year) that I have decided that I want to either get a little sea turtle or bee right on the right side of my wrist. I like the sea turtle because it is my mom’s favorite animal, but I am also very fond of the bee idea. Number one, bees are cute and number two, it’s harder to mess up a bee. I would also love to have a firefly that instead of an actual abdomen, having it be a light bulb.” Pannone also says, “I think tattoos and piercings are a way of expressing yourself. I think with our age group, keeping a needle around is just asking for a piercing and/or a stick and poke tattoo. Personally, I say go for it. I think with where we are as a society, there is no limit as to how we can express ourselves.” 

  Taylor Foster, Junior, says “ I want to get a butterfly tattoo because when I was young I had lost my grandpa and we were really close. Since then I started softball and every game there is always a butterfly that follows me everywhere and I know it’s him telling me he’s there watching me.” Foster also says that she has a tattoo: it’s on her arm that says faith with the “F” as a cross and a dove at the end. The meaning behind it is that she always wanted to get this one but it was almost a year ago that she had really opened up to her faith. She also says “it’s really changed me and helps shape me as a better person. So I have it to be reminded of what life has to offer. So that represents the faith and the dove represents peace because with faith you will always find peace and that is what I’ve found.” Foster, believes that tattoos and piercings are amazing and that they are a great way to express who you are and can be very meaningful to you. 

  These Mountain View students all have or want meaningful tattoos later on in their life. some have also said that it is a good way to express yourself, or even just a good way to remember the important people in your life.