Bounce Back from Last Semester

Soha Ali, News Reporter

New year, new semester!  As of Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, it was the start of a new semester.  With a new year comes new goals which usually include resolutions for school.  Many people may not have thought their first semester at MVHS was as expected, but we’re all trying to make this semester better than ever!

  At the start of the semester, everyone had different classes.  At first, it was definitely hectic, but most students adjusted to it.  Some students, such as junior Aspen Essen, had all of the same classes from the first semester to the second.  Other students had electives that only lasted a semester. This means that they had to select new electives and have the time to investigate and try new things. 

  The transition between the first and second semester was rewarded with winter break.  The break was like a long breather for everyone to relax from the long seven to eight hour days of school. The break consisted of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and more.  Students got to forget about the stress put on their backs from school and have fun. Some went out of town and enjoyed their vacation and others were just thankful to stay home and relax for their two weeks of break. 

  After the break, many students had different ways of adjusting from the transition of relaxation, to a new day of the new semester.  For Essen, her adjustment was a tad bumpy. “I was really tired when I first came back because I went to bed at like 2 a.m. during winter break.  So I actually had to go to bed early when I came back.” Since the break was a way people could relax, they put all their school worries away and took a big step back.  It was a way where teenagers could stay up playing video games or watching Tik Toks all night, and not have to worry about what the next day would bring.  

  Tik toks, relaxation, and no stress equals the best way to have a good winter break.  For most students, they had a good time, but the bounce back was rough and tough for some. 

  The new semester didn’t just bring new schedules, but it also brought new sicknesses.  Most students, such as sophomore Bailey Vrem, had been sick at the start of the semester.  This still didn’t impact her too much. “Asides from being sick within the first week, I knew most of my classes and my schedule didn’t change too drastically.” 

  The real question is, would this semester be better than the last?  Vrem said, “So far heading into the semester, I feel like I’ve hit a few more challenges as far as workload/homework.” Most students feel this way because of the sudden overwhelment from winter break, but others are taking it easy.  

  Adjusting to the new semester was a challenge for some, but the students of MVHS always find a way to power through it.