Flat earth vs. round earth


Jackson DeSaire, Sports editor

  A debate for the ages, it has stumped ancient civilizations, boggled the minds of kings, and has had a big influence since the start of the Enlightenment Thinkers of the Medieval Ages, but for some odd reason, the debate is back, is the Earth flat? Most just laugh this question off as stupidity, ignorance, or internet trolling, but strangely enough, many of these “Flat-Earthers” have very defined views on the topic, and won’t back away from defending their position. This debate has even funneled into our very own high-school, so we take to the halls of Mountain View to get a better picture of how this conversation affects the viewpoints of our fellow students.

  To better understand both of the opposing sides of this argument on the dimensions of the world, you first need to understand where the theory of a “flat” Earth originates, and what it is today. One of the earliest recorded theories of a flat earth was written by the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. The more modern theory, however, according to theflatearthsociety.org  is, “as evidenced by the logo of the United Nations the Earth is a round disk of indefinite dimensions. The geographic North Pole is located in the center of the disk, and the Antarctic lies around the outer edges.” The picture they paint is a completely flat earth continuously spinning on a central point marked by the North Pole. The surface is surrounded by a dome and the outer edges of the world are made up of the continent we know as Antarctica. They believe the Earth has no actual gravity, the sun actually revolves around the Earth, and any objects put into space or photos taken in space are just illusions put in place by the various governments of the world. Many would denounce these claims as to the ramblings of madmen, but the self-proclaimed “free thinkers” defend their positions and thoughts with evidence and logic. They have plenty of sources and information on their website about their beliefs, and for only a measly $12 donation, you too can join the society of “free-thinking” individuals.

  The other side of the argument is a very well known one, the claim that the Earth is a spherical, 3-dimensional globe, floating through the neverending void of space and constantly orbiting the sun. The first evidence of a spherical Earth was produced by greek philosopher Eratosthenes, and the theory of the Earth continuously revolving around the sun was presented by Polish Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. These are the same ideas taught to children in school and the claims that are traditionally backed up by professional astronomers and astrophysicists. “I don’t care what the teachers taught me, a flat Earth is the only Earth,” said Connor Patrick, 10. 

  The debate has no end in sight. Both sides consistently try to contradict one another’s claim. Both sides of the argument have no intent on changing their views on the true shape of our very own world. Until Elon Musk or another rich genius gives us commercial space travel, it looks like neither side will be able to have definitive proof to end it once and for all.