Valentine Royalty

Michael Cheuvront, Reporter


  While it may seem that Loveland, Colorado isn’t the best place to find royalty, the (unofficial) queen of Valentine’s day can be found right here at Mountain View. Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce annually crowns one high school senior as Miss Loveland Valentine, and for the past four years, the title’s been given to current Mountain View alumni. Founded by the Thompson family 60 years ago, the chance for one student to be crowned Miss Loveland is regarded to be a great honor and teach recipients quality leadership skills on a city-level. Senior, Ashley Arthur is this year’s Miss Loveland Valentine, and the work that she’s doing is not anything to be overlooked. Based on the title, the role may seem lighthearted and easygoing, but the amount of time and commitment that it requires is extensive, to say the least. 

  The process begins with a decision made at the school level. Teachers and administrators collaborate to make the decision and begin by narrowing the school down into potential representatives. Each school in Loveland must nominate only one person, however, to compete and move onto the interview process for the Chamber of Commerce. Ashley Arthur was selected from Mountain View and was then prompted to attend this highly anticipated interview.

  “The whole process started with a 500-word essay that I had to write, and I chose to write about my survival boxes,’ said Arthur. The project in which she is referring to was an idea that Arthur submitted to the school district for a contest. She organized a program in which students can receive boxes filled with tools and resources to help with stress and mental health. The essay is required to be titled “Loveland, My Community” and must be based around that theme. With that prompt in mind, Arthur’s survival boxes were a perfect match to write about. “Once we got to the interview, all the girls who were competing had to go in and answer 5-7 questions from a Loveland representative. They asked us questions like ‘How does the education system set up students for global success?’” Upon the completion of this formal interview session, they were able to break and have lunch, which Arthur puts simply and says it was nothing short of ‘relieving’. After lunch, it was time to present the “Loveland, My Community” speeches, in which Arthur won the panel over with her Survival Box idea. The scoring was on a 10 point scale for 3 different categories, and Arthur collected enough points to be crowned the winner. 

  Since then, the workload for Arthur has skyrocketed. “I haven’t done much yet, but I have a crazy amount of events scheduled. So far, I’ve gotten to put the first lock on the new Loveland sculpture. I also got to take a picture for a local magazine.” Currently, Arthur has 20 events scheduled for the next two weeks, and even more during the month of February alone. “For most events, I go and give my speech that I wrote for the interview and talk about the history of the Valentine program.” While most of her appearances are spread out over a few months, a large portion of them is spent on just Valentine’s Day. “That day will be crazy for me, but I’ll mostly be at the Sweetheart Festival. I get to be a judge for Mr. Cupid and Little Miss Valentine, which is probably what I’m most excited about. It’s going to be so cute.” 

  The experience that this role offers is undoubtedly rewarding, but it takes a certain type of person to handle it properly. According to Arthur, “You have to be a people person. I’m constantly meeting different clubs and important figures of Loveland, so, If you love people, it’s a great thing. It’s also a huge time commitment so it’s important to stay organized.” Whether being Miss Loveland Valentine is a walk in the park or a rollercoaster, there’s no denying that Mountain View’s own Ashley Arthur is representing the title with her best foot forward.