GTAV is Back, in a Big Way


Cody Evens, Entertainment

 Grand Theft Auto V (or GTA V) is a huge online game, run by a multimillion-dollar company called Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto is a game about adventure, racing, and making it on the streets. It mixes realism with futuristic cars and futuristic game modes. This allows online players to choose what they prefer to be playing. Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest games ever but has recently lost some popularity throughout the past three years. However, with the newest addition of the Casino heist, millions of players have come back. 

  Noah Sutton, junior, is a big fan of GTAV. After a couple of months off of the game, he has been drawn back because of the new Casino heist and new cars. Noah has been playing GTA for a long time, and he still has not gotten bored. “I didn’t play GTA for three years straight. I have always taken breaks. Rockstar always finds ways to bring me back though. With big updates, new heists, and cars, it always gets my attention.” 

  Junior, Gabe Shea-Shelley, is also a big gamer and plays everything from Call of Duty to Minecraft to Grand Theft Auto. “GTAV always finds ways to bring me back, it gives me a sense of adventure and makes missions fun while making lots of money.” When asked what he enjoys most about the game and what brings him back he said, “This game lets me customize cars and fighting accessories to how I feel fits best, I have almost no restrictions on what I can do. Whether I want missions (there are a million different types) or heists stealing cars, stealing other things, or just fighting with other online players. I always have a good time and I get to choose what I want to do.”

  Grand Theft Auto has been out for many years, but Rockstar is still able to bring in millions of online players across the world, especially after the newest update. Senior Anthony Bartleson said,  “GTAV had a brand new feeling coming back after such a long time. It had so many new cars and missions. My favorite part is the back to the future car.” True to Bartleson’s favorite part of the game, Rockstar has indeed gone back to the future.