Pricey Prom

Aspen Essen, Student life reporter

  Senior and junior year high schoolers get to go to prom and dance the night away, offering a brief escape from thinking about graduation and applying for colleges. While going to the dance is fun, you have to prepare to go to the dance first:  for girls that means prom dresses. Prom dresses can be really expensive, or they can be reasonable, but most of the time people spend hundreds of dollars on a dress for prom. However, before they say yes to the dress they must see what style of dress they like. 

   Long dresses are the traditional prom dress, but some people decide to wear short dresses. Junior Melanie Sanchez Macias said, “I think long dresses make everything very elegant which is the point of prom. It gives it a style and it’s very mature and I feel that’s why it’s for upper[classmen] kids.”  

  Senior Valentina Vigil said, “I don’t like it [long dresses]because it’s harder to move and if I needed to run it would be a struggle.” 

  Junior Abigail Hallama said, “Yes I like the long dresses because they feel more elegant and also because you can take your shoes off without people seeing your feet.” Long or short dresses, one thing we all have to do is actually purchase a dress.

  Everybody has shopped online for something, but do they trust buying their prom dress online? Macias said, “I do not, I feel like there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, it can be too small and there really isn’t a fix for it, and if it fits big we can at least go get it tailored.” 

  “Definitely not, especially because of how much money you are spending. You wanna make sure you’re getting what you pay for,” Hallama said. 

  Junior Taylor Foster said, “Some places online I trust, but I don’t prefer to buy online because you can’t tell what it looks like on you.” For these students, they do not trust online shopping for prom dresses, purely for the reason that it could end up not being the right size, or could even end up looking completely different than you expected it to be. 

  Since they don’t online shop for their prom dresses, where do they shop for their dresses? Vigil says, “Macy’s cause it’s one of the only places in Loveland.” 

  “My go-to place would have to be Macy’s because they have many options and they can be at a reasonable price,” said Foster. 

  Macias said, “I go to Denver and the malls: they have a lot of dress stores where you can find pretty dresses. Most of the time I get my dresses months ahead since the prices are not that bad.” 

  While these dresses may be pretty, they cost a lot of money for something that you are only going to wear once. Macias said, “I think the prices of the dress are crazy. There are some dresses that go for $300, and if you find one for $100 you are very lucky, but most of the dresses that are in style or most people would like are overpriced,” said junior Savannah Bramlet. “Prom dress prices are pretty expensive for something you will only wear once.” 

  Foster says, “I think some can be expensive when they shouldn’t be. They should be affordable so that everyone has the opportunity to buy them.” According to these MVHS students, prom dresses should cut down their prices so that everyone could have the dress of their dreams. After all, this is only something you can do twice, and after those opportunities, you might regret not getting the dress that makes you feel like a Disney princess.