The Cookie Crisis


Noah Sutton, Reporter

 People think that the month of February is dedicated to romance, flowers, and Valentine cards, but for high school students, February is about the Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are super popular among many American families and have become a staple of American culture. It’s most common to purchase these delicious cookies in front of your favorite grocery store, but a much better way to support the troops directly is to purchase them in our very own halls. You can do this very easily by visiting Mrs. Bau, who is a girl scout mother.

  Hannah VanLaningham, senior, here at Mountain View High School, has been a Girl Scout Cookie supporter since the day she was born. “I would eat them all day for every meal if I could. I can down a whole box of tagalongs in one sitting if I wanted to.” VanLaningham is an avid supporter of Mrs. Bau’s cookie sales and uses her as her most common dealer. “I get my cookies from Mrs. Bau because I love supporting her and her daughter and their Girl Scout troop.”

  Mrs. Bau has been a girl scout mom for several years now and has taken it upon herself to help boost the sales of these cookies by selling them to students directly from her classroom.  “I’m selling these cookies because students love cookies, and it’s really easy for my daughter to sell them all in one place.” 

  For Mrs. Bau, having her classroom as an outlet to sell these cookies helps tremendously. “She’s so busy with school all day and then busy all night as well, so selling them through me helps make up for the time lost.” Although Mrs. Bau spends most of her time being a teacher here at Mountain View, she spends lots of time supporting her daughter’s troop, and it can be exhausting.  “Being a girl scout mom is not easy, it becomes so busy but in the end, it’s worth it for the girls and for the program.” 

  There are so many popular types of Girl Scout Cookies, but the one that trumps them all is the thin mint cookie. “Students love the thin mints, I sell those more than any other kind, they’re my favorite too.” You can purchase Girl Scout Cookies from Mrs. Bau’s classroom (F130) in between any class period or after school. “If you want to help out your local girl scouts and me, buy more cookies!”