Mac Miller – An Impactful Artist


Cody Evens, Entertainment

 Malcolm James McCormick also known as, Mac Miller, is a rap/hip-hop artist that died on September 7th, 2018. He was found unresponsive in his Studio City home by his personal assistant. Before his death, Mac was working on a new album, called Circles, which was posthumously released on January 17, 2020. Mac Miller’s unique style set him apart from other rappers, helping him gain the huge following he has today. Mac used his own personal problems to inspire his music, unlike other rappers who rap about drugs, money, and women. Mac’s meaningful lyrics helped him touch so many people’s hearts with his music. 

  “Mac Miller is honestly one of my favorite rappers, his style allowed him to connect with his audience.” said junior, Tommy Corbett. Corbett listens to many artists, but Mac Miller is one of the few he feels actually connected with. Corbett says, “My favorite song off the new album is Surf. This is because of the beat and the words. The words connect with my life and it is like he has been here before.” Corbett was impressed with the new album, although in comparison to some of Mac’s albums it was not as good in his opinion. Mac is a big inspiration and a role model for many teens and early 20’s people. “My favorite song of all time by Mac Miller is probably Weekend. This is because it can be a hype song but also an in the feels song.”  

  Gabe Shelley, junior, is a huge Mac Miller fan. “Mac Miller was amazing, his music just hits everybody. It especially relaxes me.” Shelley has been listening to Mac for years, which has helped him get through a lot of tough times. “What makes Mac so interesting is the different type of rhythms that he can hit so well. He can hit a faster type of rap and have you hype and chill at the same time, but the next song will slow down and just make you chill and be in a good mood. Not many people can do that especially with lyrics that you can relate too.” 

  Mac Miller has brought brightness and health to so many people, saving lives with just words in a song. Gabe Shelly said, “my best message Mac has sent to me is a quote: “People change and things go wrong, but just remember, life goes on.” Thinking of this every day just helps, because not everyone is who they are portrayed to be, and you just gotta remember that life goes on and you will find a way through anything.”