Season Two Madness


Cody Evens, Entertainment

  Call of Duty Modern Warfare is, arguably, one of the greatest gaming franchises in the world. Created by Activision and Sledgehammer Games, this game has recently come out with a Season Two bringing back old maps and old weapons from previous Modern Warfares. The return of old game features is a huge hit for all the fans. The past few games have had very futuristic features including double jumping and Exo suits. This new Call of Duty and its new update, might have just saved what we all have grown up loving and spending our childhoods playing. 

  Tommy Corbett, Junior, is a huge gamer and is also one of the best Call of Duty players at our school. When asked about what he thinks of the new update he said, “This update is amazing– it really brings back the feeling of the old Modern Warfare 2, with the rust map and UMP.” Rust is one of the greatest Call of Duty maps of all time, especially with sniping/quick scoping. So, it is a fan favorite and has been since the new Modern Warfare came out. “Rust is by far my favorite map, it has everything any map could have, the capability of sniping and using pretty much any weapon you could want.” 

  Anthony Bartelson, Senior, another big gamer at Mountain View High School, has a bit of a different opinion or view on the new season. “Rust, I wanted back for a long time but, now that it is here it doesn’t feel the same as it used to feel.” When asked what he would change about the map to make it better Bartelson said, “I love the map, it is an exact replica, but I would love to see it not as fast-paced because you either get a million kills or you die over and over again right after spawning in.” As Rust and many other new maps come out people have totally different views. However, it still cannot be denied that Rust is one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty history. 

  Landon Roberton, Junior, loves Call of Duty and has been in love with the gaming series since he was 11 years old. “The new weapons make the game very fun because it isn’t the same old guns that have been in the game since day one. You also have got to work for the weapons you want,” said Roberton. With the new weapons, many online players were scared of having it how the other newer Call of Duty’s are where it is “pay to win,” but in this case, it is not. When asked about one of the few newly added weapons the UMP Roberton said, “The UMP is a long lost gun in Call of Duty history. I am very glad they have brought it back because it is a weapon I have grown up with and one of my favorites from past Call of Duties.” 

  Overall, season two of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a huge hit, with some huge upgrades in maps and weapons. But, they are not done yet, Sledgehammer Games is planning on bringing new modes and more maps in the near future. Gabe Shelley said, “I love the new season so far, but I’m more excited for the future, especially the new infected maps.”