Destiny Jurado, Reporter

  The Corona Virus, Covid-19, there are so many names for this disease, but this illness is more than just a “head cold”. People all over the world are being affected by it, and even though people may have their different opinions on it, it has become a global pandemic and sadly, this is just the beginning.

  The coronavirus originated in the city of Wuhan, China, and ever since last year, it has spread to 70 other countries. January 21, 2020 is when the first confirmed case arrived in the US, as seen on the news and media, it has spread everywhere and very fast.

  It has made its way to overtake the word as a global pandemic very fast, states are being put on quarantine and governors are putting stay at home orders for their states, stores are shutting down or demanding that customers stay 6 feet apart to practice social distancing, schools are being shut down all around the nation. This is becoming a big issue and people don’t know how or when it will stop.

  This virus has ruined all kinds of different things for so many people. Weddings are being canceled all around the country. Senior students years are being ruined with no prom and no graduation, and for most students, we have to finish our year online. It has affected us all in one way or another and it is sad, scary, annoying, and stressful for us all.

  It is affecting us in more ways than one and not only us, it is causing us to separate us from our families, more specifically, our grandparents, since they are the ones at the highest risk, we can’t see them and it is heartbreaking to them and us.

  Just remember MVHS students we all have to support each other through this rough time, stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!